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A description and collection of items from the National Archives in Britain regarding Security Service (MI5) files on Communist and Nazi agents and sympathizers in the UK during World War II.

A press conference that Soviet intelligence veterans held in Moscow on 18 November 2003 to discuss a new book on intelligence intrigues surrounding the 1943 Teheran conference, where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin gathered.

5 November 2003 Selections from the latest group of historical documents released by the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) in Britain.
Accessions and openings at the U.S. National Archives for the third quarter of fiscal year 2003.
Publication of a new volume of declassified Canadian documents on foreign policy in 1957-1958

26 June 2003 Selections from the latest group of MI5 documents released by the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) in Britain.

16 May 2003 The CIA has released a large collection of materials about the U.S. covert operation in Guatemala in 1954.
New document releases from the United Kingdom's Public Record Office. The released records consist of the Personal Files of Special Operations Executive agents and other staff. The files relate, among others, to a number of the more celebrated SOE agents, and to individuals who achieved fame outside of their work for SOE.

2 May 2003 New document releases from the United Kingdom's Public Record Office. The list contains a selection of documents transfered to the to the National Archives, Kew, including records of the Ministry of Defense from 1952 to 1959 on the future of atomic weapons program.

16 April 2003 NARA Launches Access to Archival Databases (AAD)
Thousands Search National Archives New Electronic Database College Park, MD. . . The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recently launched Access to Archival Databases (AAD), a new research tool that makes a selection of the Archives' most popular electronic records available to the to the public over the Internet.

7 January 2003 New document releases from the United Kingdom's Public Record Office. New British documents on World War II and the Early Cold War are also available.

31 October 2002 New document releases from the United Kingdom's Public Record Office.13 October 2002 Reproductions of documents on U. S. military actions at No Gun Ri . These documents were compiled by the Associated Press and do not necessarily provide a balanced overview of the available evidence.

25 July 2002 Press releases on newly declassified document collections from the National Archives and the United Kingdom's Public Record Office .
9 July 2002 Visit , the online network of freedom of information advocates. Sponsored by the National Security Archive.

8 February 2002 Documents on the September 1941 Meeting between Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. At the Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark.

4 September 2001 The CIA has posted an Unclassified Edition of Studies in Intelligence (Winter-Spring 2001, No. 10).

10 July 2001 The Public Record Office has released new Security Service records on MI 5.

2 July 2001 Read a press release on "The Early Intelligence Record on Nazi Final Solution Discovered in Documents Declassified under Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act."

22 June 2001 The CIA has posted U.S. Intelligence and the Polish Crisis, 1980-1981 , a CSI publication by Douglas MacEachin.

10 May 2001 The CIA has released the names of Nazis known or suspected to have committed war crimes. The materials were released by The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group of the NARA.

23 April 2001 The CIA has posted a special unclassified edition of Studies in Intelligence from Fall 2000.29 March 2001 The Nixon Presidential Library has announced the release of 100,000 pages of documents from the Nixon Presidential Materials Project. The Library will begin relasing the documents, most of which pertain to the National Security Council, on 5 April. Read the press release .

20 March 2001 We have posted a report entitled "Short Account of Los Alamos Theoretical Work on Thermonuclear Weapons, 1946-1950." For links to more info about the development of "The Super" and Cold War-era nuclear weapons research, visit the HPCWS Nuclear Test Film Gallery .New Intelligence and Operational Documents on the 1991 Gulf War are also now available through the U.S. military's GulfLINK site.

9 March 2001 The CIA has posted reports by the Directorate of Intelligence on the former Soviet Union from 1951-1991 declassified at a conference at Princeton University on 9-10 March. We have compiled a list of selected document titles from the 19,000 pages of material. The CIA FOIA site contains the full collection.

7 March 2001 The Online Archive now features three new documents. Two of them pertain to the September 1983 Korean airliner incident: a Soviet Politburo discussion of a press conference on the incident, and a review of Soviet Foreign Ministry documents on the incident. A report by Frol Kozlov to the CPSU Central Committee Plenum on 23 July 1960 has also been added.

1 February 2001 The U.S. Army has posted a report from a 15-month investigation into the alleged killings of Korean refugees by American soldiers at No Gun Ri in July 1950.9 January 2001 The United Kingdom's Public Record Office declassified new documents in its annual 1 January release. Materials from 1970 on the Harold Wilson government, British-EEC negotiations, and Anglo-American relations during the Nixon presidency are now available.Listen to audio files or read the transcripts of secret White House tapes from the Truman through the Nixon presidencies at Virginia's Miller Center, home of the Presidential Recordings Project .

5 October 2000 The ODCI (Office of the Directorate of Central Intelligence) announced on 2 October 2000 the release of 5 million pages of documents, the most ever in a single year, to the National Archives and Records Administration and the Lyndon B. Johnson Library . Read the text of the press release.

FOIA Spotlight The U.S. Department of Justice has posted a list of FOIA sites for various Federal Departments and Agencies such as the Departments of Defense and State, the CIA, and NASA.

Recently Released

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) This note serves as a useful guide for researchers interested in the history of covert U. S. actions and American intelligence activities. It accompanies FRUS Volume XXVII: Mainland Southeast Asia and Regional Affairs, 1964-1968, that was released on 21 September. Eisenhower AdministrationFRUS supplement to the 1983 publication of Volume IV, on the U.S. covert operation in Guatemala in 1954, is now available online.

Kennedy Administration FRUS Volume XIV on the Berlin Crisis is now available online.Johnson AdministrationFRUS Volume VI on Vietnam is now available online.

FRUS Volume XVI on Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey is now available online.

FRUS Volume X on National Security Policy is now available online.FRUS Volume XXVI on Indonesia, Malaysia-Singapore, and the Philippines is now available online.

FRUS Volume XII on Western Europe is now available online.

FRUS Volume XIV on the Soviet Union is now available online.Nixon AdministrationTwo new FRUS volumes covering the years 1964-1968 were released on 4 December 2000. They are Volume XXV , South Asia, and Volume XXI , Near East Region; Arabian Peninsula.The State Department's Office of the Historian has further information about official publications and the Department's history.

New: CIA's Analysis of the Soviet Union 1947-1991
The HPCWS has now received the both printed volume containing selected intelligence estimates as well as the accompanying 2-disc CD-ROM set that features all of the documents. The printed volume is also available online .

The Chile Declassification Project CIA Activities in Chile: The "Hinchey Report" Read the text of a report, released in response to the so-called Hinchey Amendment, that describes the Agency's operations in Chile from 1967-1973.

Covert Action in Chile: The "Church Report" Read the text of the Staff Report of the Senate Select Committee To Study Governmental Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities. Past Items

The Iran Coup of 1953 Read the text of an internal CIA history of the plot to overthrow Iranian President Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953.