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We would like to thank H-Diplo (an online discussion list dedicated to the study of diplomatic and international history) for allowing us to re-post its running commentary on the Journal.

  • Discussion on Robert McMahon. “U.S. Policy toward South Asia and Tibet during the Early Cold War”.
  • Discussion on Carole McGranahan. “Tibet’s Cold War: The CIA and the Chushi Gangdrug Resitance,
  • Discussion on Michael M. Sheng. “Mao, Tibet, and the Korean War.”
  • Discussion on Jeronim Perovic. “The Tito-Stalin Split: A Reassessment in Light of New Evidence.”
  • Discussion on Pierre Asselin. “Choosing Peace: Hanoi and the Geneva Agreement on Vietnam, 1954-
  • Discussion on Andrew L. Johns. “The Johnson Administration, the Shah of Iran, and the Changing
    Pattern of U.S.-Iranian Relations, 1965-1967: ‘Tired of Being Treated like a Schoolboy.’”
  • Discussion on Ken Young. “A Most Special Relationship: The Origins of Anglo-American Nuclear Strike
  • Discussion on James J. Marquardt. “Transparency and Security Competition: Open Skies and America’s Cold War Statecraft, 1948-1960.”
  • Discussion on Igor Lukes. "The Czechoslovak Special Services and Their American Adversary during the Cold War." Further commentary provided by Johann Smula.
  • Discussion on Philip Deery. "Malaya, 1948: Britain’s Asian Cold War."
  • Discussion on William E. Odom. “The Cold War Origins of the U.S. Central Command.”
  • Discussion on Bernadette Whelan. “Ireland, the Marshall Plan, and U.S. Cold War Concerns."
  • Discussion on Hal Brands. “Rethinking Nonproliferation: LBJ, the Gilpatric Committee, and U.S.
    National Security Policy.”
  • Discussion on Sergey Radchenko. " Mongolian Politics in the Shadow of the Cold War: The 1964 Coup Attempt and the Sino-Soviet Split."
  • Discussion on David Stiles. “A Fusion Bomb over Andalucia: U.S. Information Policy and the 1966 Palomares
  • Discussion on Avi Kober. “Great-Power Involvement and Israeli Battlefield Success in the Arab-Israeli Wars, 1948-1982.”
  • Discussion on Yafeng Xia. “China’s Elite Politics and Sino-American Rapprochement, January 1965-
    February 1972."
  • Discussion on John A. Soares, “Strategy, Ideology and Human Rights: Jimmy Carter Confronts the Left in
    Central America, 1979-1981.”

  • Discussion on Piero Gleijes, “Moscow’s Proxy? Cuba and Africa, 1975-1988.”
    Followed by Jorge I. Domínguez's commentary and the author's response.
  • Discussion on Nancy Mitchell's review of Piero Gleijes' article "Moscow's Proxy? Cuba and Africa, 1975-1988."
    The discussion includes two replies by Piero Gleijeses in addition to comments from James McAllister, Elaine Windrich, Nancy Mitchell and O.A. Westad.
  • Discussion on Norrie MacQueen. “ Belated Decolonization and UN Politics Against the Backdrop of the Cold
  • Discussion on Robert Jervis, “Containment Strategies in Perspective” (review essay).
  • Discussion on Nigel Gould-Davies, "Rethinking the Role of Ideology in International Politics During the Cold War."
  • Discussion on William Wohlforth, "A Certain Idea of Science," and Nigel Gould-Davies, "Rethinking the Role of Ideology During the Cold War."
  • Discussion on Francis J. Gavin, "Politics, Power and U.S. Policy in Iran, 1950-1953."
  • Black on Ideas, IR, and the End of the Cold War roundtable.
  • Discussion on Astrid S. Tuminez, “Nationalism, Ethnic Pressures, and the Breakup of the Soviet Union."
  • Discussion on Eugene Gholz, “The Curtiss-Wright Corporation and Cold War-Era Defense Procurement: A Challenge to Military-Industrial Complex Theory.”
    Author's response to Michael Barnhart's commentary.
  • Discussion on David G. Coleman, “Eisenhower and the Berlin Problem, 1953-1954.”
  • Discussion on Adam Ulam, "A Few Unresolved Mysteries about Stalin and the Cold War in Europe: A Modest Agenda for Research."
  • Discussion on Mark Kramer's three-part article, "The Early Post-Stalin Succession Struggle and Upheavals in East-Central Europe: Internal-External Linkages in Soviet Policy making."
  • Discussion on Timothy Snyder's article, "To Resolve the Ukranian Question once and for All: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ukrainians in Poland, 1943-1947."
  • Discussion on James Jay Carafano's article, "Mobilizing Europe's Stateless: America's Plan for a Cold War Army."
  • Discussion on John Earl Haynes, "The Cold War Debate Continues: A Traditionalist View of Historical Writing on Domestic Communism and Anti- Communism."


  • Discussion on Andrew Moravcsik, "De Gaulle Between Grain and Grandeur : The Political Economy of French EC Policy, 1958-1970", with commentaries.
  • Discussion on Michael Middeke,"Anglo-American Nuclear Weapons Cooperation after the Nassau Conference: The British Policy of Interdependence."
  • Discussion on Astrid Tuminez," Nationalism, Ethnic Pressures, and the Breakup of the Soviet Union."
  • Discussion on Celeste Wallander," Western Policy and the Demise of the Soviet Union."
  • Discussion on Robert Weiner's review of Israeli-Romanian Relations at the End of the Ceausescu Era: as observed by Israel's Ambassador to Romania, 1985-1989.