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Cold War Electronic Information Resources
CNN's "The Cold War" Documentary Series The Cold War Veterans Association
The Literature of Intelligence


Cold War Electronic Information Resources


The Literature of Intelligence

The Literature of Intelligence: A Bibliography of Materials, with Essays, Reviews, and Comments by J. Ransom Clark, Vice President
for Academic Affairs, Muskingum College.

Diefenbunker - Canada's Cold War Museum

Thirty-five kilometres from Canada's capital city Ottawa lies a Cold War bunker that is home to Diefenbunker - Canada's Cold
War Museum. Below a farmer's field in the Ottawa Valley Canada's "secret" bunker quietly began operation in 1961. Throughout
its 33 year lifetime the Diefenbunker was the Central Emergency Government Headquarters for Canada. Federal government budget
cuts led to its being decommissioned in 1994. An effort is now underway to preserve the Diefenbunker and make it available to
the public as Canada's Cold War Museum.

Nikita Petrov: "Why they celebrate"

Article on the current state of Russian archives, state security, government policy on archives. In Russian.

CNN's "The Cold War" Documentary Series

CNN Interactive's content-rich, multimedia site featuring maps, documents, images, and video.

Trapped in the Cold War

Trapped in the Cold War, by Hermann and Kate Field, narrates the experiences of the Field family after they were abducted from Czechoslovakia
and Poland in 1949.


This site features news articles and other information about espionage and intelligence worldwide,with a focus on the former Soviet Union.
Other offerings include spy-fiction author biographies, book reviews,and a section called "Culture 007."

The Cold War Museum

An interactive web exhibit.

The Cold War Veterans Association

A veterans service organization open to those who served during the Cold War period.