Cold War Studies at Harvard University


Past Events

  • Atlantic Community Conference

    “Atlantic, Euratlantic, or Europe-America? The Atlantic Community and the European Idea from Kennedy to Nixon”

    To be held in Middelburg, Netherlands, from 20-21 September 2007
    For more information, please click here.


  • “Russian Reforms: Comparing the New Economic Policy (1921-1928) with  Post-Soviet Russia (1992-2006)”

Guest Speaker: Yury Goland
Leading researcher at the Economic Institute of the Russian Aсademy of Sciences and
Member of the Advisory council of the Committee on budget and taxes of the State Duma

The talk will be held at the Davis Center, on 25 September 2007


  • Speaking notes for the presentation at a meeting sponsored by the
    Cold War Studies Program and the Center for European Studies
    at Harvard University
    By Marten van Heuven