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Over the past 35 and more years, HSP has accumulated an enormous repository of information on CBW-related matters, much of it from the published literature but some of it in documentary form. In order to encourage research in its field of interest, HSP permits outside access to these unrivalled research resources.

Among the resources available at HSP Harvard are special collections, chiefly of documentary items, on (a) US herbicide warfare in Indochina during the Vietnam War, (b) the outbreak of anthrax during Spring 1979 in Sverdlovsk, USSR, and (c) the allegations of "yellow rain" mycotoxin warfare in southeast Asia that first began to be heard in 1978 and continued throughout much of the following decade.

At HSP Sussex the information repository is organised and updated systematically so as to facilitate use by visiting researchers as well as by HSP staff and associates. Its chief component is the Sussex Harvard Information Bank (SHIB), which is a maintained archive of published and unpublished information. Included in it, alongside scientific, technical and military literature, are photocopies of many thousands of US, UK and other state papers on CBW matters, plus much of the official documentation of the negotiations on the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, the formation of the OPCW, and the impending BWC Protocol. SHIB holdings of press-cuttings reach back into the Nineteenth Century. A network of correspondents and literature-scanners in different parts of the world keeps SHIB up to date.

Co-located with SHIB, and in the charge of HSP Sussex, are the holdings of SPRU Library on military and security affairs. They comprise about a thousand volumes plus a substantially larger quantity of related grey and periodical literature. The holdings of periodicals include long runs of such familiar journals as Arms Control, International Security, Survival and The Arms Control Reporter, plus less familiar ones such as Lobster and The ASA Newsletter.

Among the other HSP research resources held at Sussex are three computerized data-bases compiled from material entering SHIB. These are:

Access to the HSP Sussex research resources may be arranged through the Sussex Administrator Carolyn Sansbury.

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