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Subscription enquiries should be addressed to:

Carolyn Sansbury
The CBW Conventions Bulletin
Harvard Sussex Program
SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research
Mantell Building
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RF
United Kingdom
or by fax to + 44 1273 685865.

The subscription rates for The Bulletin remain unchanged, but payment can now also be made in Pounds or Euros:

The annual subscription rates are:
individuals and non-profit organizations 60 / $100 / EUR 100
corporate bodies 100 / $250 / EUR 250.

Payment may be made by cheque (in any of the three currencies) payable to `University of Sussex'.

HSP is now able to take advantage of facilities used by the University of Sussex to take payments by credit card at a price of 60 (individuals and non-profit organizations) or 150 (corporate bodies). Those interested in taking out subscriptions via credit card should contact HSP at the Sussex address.

These prices will also apply for subscriptions for the year 2001. We will continue to consider requests to receive the Bulletin at a discount, especially from readers outside of western Europe and the United States.

A subscription form which you may print out in either html or Acrobat/PDF and dispatch to us is provided for your convenience.

The Harvard Sussex Program

Date of last revision: 9 January 2002 (RG)