Student Computing Technician

Student Computing Technicians in our Walk-In Support Center provide one-on-one software and hardware support for students, faculty, and staff. Student Computing Technicians support Macs and PCs. We provide support for software problems, including computer viruses, spyware, and general issues.

SCTs also provide best-effort hardware support, including helping students install new hardware in their laptops, and helping students recover academic files from broken hard drives. Our data recovery service is free to the students, faculty and staff that we support; comparable service off-campus could cost a student thousands of dollars.

An SCT on a typical shift in the clinic might help a client install antivirus software, help another client add more memory to their laptop, or help a third client recover homework that was accidentally deleted from their laptop.



SCT Benefits

The Student Computing Technician position is designed to be fun and flexible. We recognize that this is a campus job and you're juggling academics and extracurriculars along with part-time work. While the SCT position will demand some of your time each week, we've structured the position to allow you to work a schedule that suits your life.

Flexible Work Hours


Opportunities for Advancement

Career Advancement

Campus work experience as a SCT shows future employers that you are tech-savvy -- no matter what your academic concentration -- and that you are capable of balancing the demands of work and school. Among the companies that SCTs have worked for after graduation:

Pay and Hours

To apply for this position please send resume and cover letter to