Artist's Statement - Orkney

The Orkney Islands are a fascinating archipelago, showing the marks of over eight millennia of habitation by a succession of human cultures, from the Neolithic people to Picts to Vikings, and Scots. It is a landscape greatly altered by agriculture, and sheep husbandry. In this series I used a triptych format, rather than stitched panoramas, to portray my sense of this unique place, to show the viewer a window into its deep time and wide spaces. I attempt to show what it’s like to stop to look at landscapes that mix 358 million year old Devonian Period Old Red Sandstone cliffs and sea stacks, Neolithic, Iron Age, medieval, and modern structures, surrounded by vast pastures, fields, and heaths.


Brough Head, Birsay, Mainland, Orkney, Scotland, MMXVII

Brough Head, Birsay, Mainland, Orkney, Scotland, MMXVII

Devonian period Old Red Sandstone cliffs showing strata of lake sediments laid down around 358 million years ago.

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