Christine M. Korsgaard
Complete Writings with Web Access Information Where Available


  1. Fellow Creatures: Our Obligations to the Other Animals, forthcoming from Oxford.
  2. Self-Constitution:  Agency, Identity, and Integrity. Oxford, 2009
  3. The Sources of Normativity. Cambridge, 1996.

Essay Collections

 The Constitution of Agency. Oxford, 2008

    Introduction [Abstract]
    1. The Normativity of Instrumental Reason [Abstract]
    2. The Myth of Egoism [Abstract]
    3. Self-Constitution in the Ethics of Plato and Kant [Abstract]
    4. Aristotle's Function Argument [Abstract]
    5. Aristotle on Function and Virtue [Abstract]
    6. From Duty and for the Sake of the Noble: Kant and Aristotle on Morally Good Action [Abstract]
    7. Acting for a Reason [Abstract]
    8. Taking the Law into Our Own Hands: Kant on the Right to Revolution [Abstract]
    9. The General Point of View: Love and Moral Approval in Hume's Ethics [Abstract]
    10. Realism and Constructivism in Twentieth Century Moral Philosophy [Abstract]

  Creating the Kingdom of Ends. Cambridge, 1996

  1. An Introduction to the Ethical, Political, and Religious Thought of Kant
  2. Kant’s Analysis of Obligation: The Argument of Groundwork I
  3. Kant's Formula of Universal Law
  4. Kant’s Formula of Humanity
  5. The Right to Lie:  Kant on Dealing with Evil
  6. Morality as Freedom
  7. Creating the Kingdom of Ends:  Reciprocity and Responsibility in Personal Relations
  8. Aristotle and Kant on the Source of Value
  9. Two Distinctions in Goodness
  10. The Reasons We Can Share:  An Attack on the Distinction between Agent-Relative and Agent-Neutral Reasons 
  11. Skepticism about Practical Reason
  12. Two Arguments Against Lying
  13. Personal Identity and the Unity of Agency:  A Kantian Response to Parfit

Recent Philosophical Essays and Work in Progress

  1. Animal Selves and the Good : in progress; forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics edited by Mark Timmons.
  2. How to be an Aristotelian Kantian Constitutivist : in progress; forthcoming in a volume on constitutivism edited by Matthias Haas.
  3. The Claims of Animals and the Needs of Strangers: Two Cases of Imperfect Right: in progress;forthcoming (eventually) in The Journal of Practical Ethics
  4. Kantian Ethics, Animals, and the Law : Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 2013.
  5. On Having a Good: Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, 2014, and in Philosophers of Our Times, Oxford 2015
  6. A Kantian Case for Animal Rights: Animals and Law.  Dike Verlag 2012 and in The Ethics of Killing Animals, Oxford 2015.
  7. The Relational Nature of the Good: Oxford Studies in Metaethics, 2013
  8. The Origin of the Good and Our Animal Nature: unpublished.
  9. The Normative Constitution of Agency: Rational and Social Agency. Oxford, 2014.
  10. Valuing Our Humanity in Spanish, Signos Filosoficos, 2011
  11. Interacting with Animals: A Kantian Account:Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics, 2011
  12. Reflections on the Evolution of Morality: Amherst Lecture in Philosophy, 2010
  13. The Activity of Reason: APA Proceedings, 2009
  14. Natural Motives and the Motive of Duty; Hume and Kant on Our Duties to Others: Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice, 2009
  15. Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals: Tanner Lectures 2005


  1. Natural Goodness, Rightness, and the Intersubjectivity of Reason:  A Reply to Arroyo, Cummiskey, Molan, and Bird-Pollan. Metaphilosophy, 2011
  2. Motivation, Metaphysics, and the Value of the Self: A Reply to Ginsborg, Guyer, and Schneewind. Ethics,1998.

Shorter Pieces on Animals

  1. Getting Animals in View Think: Philosophy for Everyone 2012
  2. Personhood, Animals, and the Law Think: Philosophy for Everyone 2012
  3. Exploiting Animals: A Philosophical Protest AV Magazine, 2009
  4. Facing the Animal You See in the Mirror Harvard Review of Philosophy, 2009
  5. Just Like All the Other Animals of the Earth: Harvard Divinity Bulletin, 2008

Published Commentaries

  1. Eternal Values, Evolving Values, and the Value of the Self. on Ian Morris's Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: How Human Values Evolve. Princeton, 2015.
  2. Self-Constitution and Irony on Jonathan Lear’s Irony and Identity. Harvard, 2011
  3. Autonomy and the Second Person Within on Steve Darwall’s The Second-Person Standpoint, Ethics, 2007
  4. The Dependence of Value on Humanity on Joseph Raz's’s The Practice of ValueOxford, 2003
  5. Morality and the Logic of Caring on Harry Frankfurt's’s Taking Ourselves Seriously and Getting it RightStanford, 2006
  6. Morality and the Distinctness of Human Action on Frans De Waal’s Primates and Philosophers, 2007
  7. Commentary on Amartya Sen’s ‘Capability and Well-Being’ and Gerald Cohen’s ‘Equality of What? On Welfare, Goods, and Capabilities in The Quality of Life, Oxford, 1993.

Miscellaneous Other Publications and Writings

  1. Rationality. forthcoming in Critical Terms for Animal Studies edited by Lori Gruen.
  2. Reply to Barbara Fried in the symposium, Beyond Blame. The Boston Review, July 2013
  3. Does Moral Action Depend on Reasoning? (Templeton Big Questions Essay, 2010)
  4. What's Wrong with Lying? (an undergraduate-level essay) Philosophical Inquiry: Classic and Contemporary Readings.  Hackett, 2007.
  5. Normativity, Necessity, and the Synthetic a priori: A Response to Derek Parfit for a conference at Rutgers in 2003.
  6. John Rawls (a memorial). Harvard Review of Philosophy, 2003.
  7. Introduction to Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals.  Cambridge, 1998 and 2012 (The link is to the 1998 version.)
  8. Rawls and Kant:  On the Primacy of the Practical Proceedings of the 8th International Kant Congress, 1995.
  9. A Note on the Value of Gender Identification in Women, Culture, and Development: A Study of Human Capabilities. Oxford, 1995.
  10. Two Kinds of Matter in Aristotle's Metaphysics (an unpublished paper)
  11. The Standpoint of Practical Reason (Dissertation, 1981) Garland Distinguished Harvard Dissertation Series, 1990.

Encyclopedia Articles

1. Theories of the Good in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
2. Teleological Ethics in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
3. Conscience in Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia,Garland, 1996.
4. Formalism in Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia,Garland, 1996.
5. Immanuel Kant in The Garland Encyclopedia of Ethics,1992.
6. John Rawls in The Garland Encyclopedia of Ethics,1992. Second edition version co-authored with Samuel Freeman.
7. Richard Price in The Garland Encyclopedia of Ethics,1992.


Reclaiming the History of Ethics: Essays for John Rawls
edited by Andrews Reath, Barbara Herman, and Christine M. Korsgaard. Cambridge University Press, 1997.
  1. Interview by Emilian Mihailov on Animal Ethics.
  2. Interview by Tobias Kuehne and Christian Mott for the Yale Philosophy Review, forthcoming.
  3. Interview by Richard Marshall for 3: am Magazine.
  4. Christine M. Korsgaard interview by Julian Baggini for The Philosopher's Magazine, 2012.
  5. Interview for Sapere Aude: The Wooster Journal of Philosophical Inquiry, 2012
  6. Interview by Katrien Schaubroeck for the Newsletter of the Institute of Philosophy in Leuven, 2009
  7. Ethics at the Intersection of Kant and Aristotle by Ana Marta González for Anuario Filosofico, 200
  8. Internalism and the Sources of Normativity: An Interview with Christine M. Korsgaard by Herlinde Pauer-Studer for Constructions of Practical Reason. Stanford, 2002

Blog Posts
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