Problem Sets

All assignments are via the submission boxes on Canvas before midnight on the date listed. This is a hard deadline. Write to the course staff if you need an extension.

All assignments should be submitted electronically in PDF form. If you write your assignments in LaTeX (highly recommended!), you can just submit the compiled PDF. If, instead, you write your assignments by hand, you will have to scan them into a PDF.

Some problems either require or can be solved with the assistance of programs. If you used a program in this way (except for problem set 1), you must also submit your code in addition to the assignment PDF. The code should be submitted in a separate (text) file. Please do not send github repositories (I may be inclined to take 5 points off automatically if you do), etc.; a simple text file with code that we can run if needed is what we're aiming for (if separate instructions to compile, etc. are necessary, etiher put that in the assignment or in another separate file).

Released Due Date
Problem Set 1 TeX January 25 February 3
Problem Set 2 TeX February 3 February 17
Programming Assignment 1 February 11 February 24
Problem Set 3 TeX February 17 March 3
Programming Assignment 2 TeX February 24 March 24
Problem Set 4 TeX March 3 March 10
Problem Set 5 TeX March 24 April 7
Problem Set 6 TeX April 7 April 21
Programming Assignment 3 April 13 April 28