Course Staff

The course staff can be reached collectively on Piazza. You may also mail to; this will be forwarded to Professor Mitzenmacher.

Email Phone Office Hours Location
Michael Mitzenmacher michaelm@eecs 496-7172 TBD and by appointment MD 331
Head Teaching Fellows
Tiffany Wu haotianwu@college Wednesday 8-10pm Quincy Dining Hall
Evan Yao yuanfanyao@college Tuesday 10pm-12am Quincy Dining Hall
Teaching Fellows
Peter Chang chang04@college Monday 5pm-7pm Pforzheimer Dining Hall
Christina Chen christinachen@college Thursday 10pm-12am Leverett Dining Hall
Lydia Goldberg lgoldberg@college Wednesday 8-10pm Quincy Dining Hall
Kevin Huang khuang01@college Tuesday 8-10pm Quincy Dining Hall
Karl Otness karlotness@college Thursday 8-10pm Leverett Dining Hall
Richard Ouyang rouyang@college Thursday 7-9pm Cabot Dining Hall
Jonah Philion jonahphilion@college Thursday 8-10pm Leverett Dining Hall
George Qi georgeqi@college Tuesday 8-10pm Quincy Dining Hall
Isaac Xia isaacxia@college Wednesday 10pm-12am Quincy Dining Hall
Anita Xu ranfeixu@college Monday 8-10pm Quincy Dining Hall
Jess Xu jessicaxu@college Monday 10pm-12am Leverett Dining Hall
George Zhang gzhang01@college Thursday 3-5pm Eliot Grille
Jesse Zhang jessetanzhang@college Thursday 8-10pm Kirkland Dining Hall
Jessica Zhu jessicazhu@college Wednesday 5-7pm MD 2nd Floor Lounge (MD 221)

Section Times and Locations

Monday 1-2pm SC 112
Monday 4-5pm SC 105
Tuesday 1-2pm SC 309
Tuesday 4-5pm Sever 106
Wednesday 12-1pm SC 104
Wednesday 1-2pm Sever 209
Wednesday 4-5pm Sever 106
Thursday 4-5pm Sever 106
Wednesday 7:40-8:40 1 Story Street, Room 302 Extension Section