CSCI E-10: Short Weekly Assignments

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Other assignments are forthcoming.

A Few Notes on Homework Expectations

There will be seven short written assignments, plus a term project, this semester. Each of the short assignments consists of a required portion and some extension activities or thought experiments. My expectation is that everyone will complete all the required portions before class on the due dates specified. Students may work on some, all, or none of the extension activities -- but I hope that every student will work on at least one or two that interest them. These extension activities have no particular due date. Please feel free to go back to any such activities from previous weeks, as you think of something interesting to say about them, and write up your thoughts for the class.

Assignments, including extension activities, should be submitted by e-mail. Except for some private information requested in Assignment 1 (which can be sent directly to the instructor), assignments should generally be sent to the entire class by sending them to the class mailing list, If for any reason you feel that a particular assignment contains personal information that you would rather not share with the entire class, you may send an assignment directly to the instructor's e-mail box ( instead. However, I hope that most assignments will be sent to the class mailing list and will generate discussion.

Feel free to respond to each other's mailings and to comment on people's observations as they relate to your own. Much of the communication in this class will be by e-mail, and it is my hope that a sense of Virtual Community will be established among class members, as well as of Real Community.

David Albert - Last updated February, 2002