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Guide to Licensing Space

Under certain circumstances Sanders Theatre, Annenberg Hall, and Lowell Hall are available for licensed use by Harvard student groups, departments, community and/or professional organizations.

Sanders Theatre

Sanders Theatre is available for rent by both Harvard affiliated and non-Harvard affiliated organizations provided the event is appropriate to the space. The Sanders season follows the academic calendar--July 1-June 30.

The next season is booked in the fall of the previous season. In other words, requests for the 2015-2016 season will be accepted in the fall of 2014. The first round of non-Harvard affiliated requests will be accepted beginning December 1. Once the student event schedule has been set, non-Harvard groups will be scheduled. Confirmations in the form of contracts will be sent early in the year. Though the schedule generally settles by March 1, rental requests will continue to be accepted throughout the year.

Student groups interested in renting Sanders Theatre should come to the Adminstrative offices of the Memorial/Lowell Hall Complex in Memorial Hall, room 027 or send an email to the Program Manager.
Non-Harvard affiliates and Harvard Departments should use the following guidelines when requesting a date in Sanders Theatre. Dates must be requested in writing in order to be considered:

Send an email inquiry to the Program Manager. Indicate the name of the producing organization, whether it is a Harvard affiliated department or office (billing code required); a non-profit (501(c)(3) tax exempt organization; or an individual or other organization.

The inquiry should also include

  • preferred date(s) and alternates, if applicable. If a range of dates is requested, please note whether weekends or weekdays are preferred

  • the time period needed (including load in, set up and break down) as well as the event start time and the expected duration of the event

  • information about the nature of the event, whether it is a lecture or a concert or some other type of activity (approximate number of performers is helpful, as well as a general idea of anticipated equipment needs and whether the piano will be used)

  • plans to record and/or broadcast the event, including the type of recording, recording use (archival or distribution) and scope of broadcast

  • support space needs

  • special security considerations

Be precise about time reserved and do not assume additional hours will be available without charge. Please note that Sanders Theatre is a used as classroom on week days and is generally not available before 3pm during the academic term. Please contact the Program Manager with any questions regarding scheduling parameters or academic calendar details that may impact availability.

The Producer will be contacted via e-mail acknowledging receipt of the request. If possible, information will be included about the availability of the date.

The Program Manager will send a confirmation letter indicating the date is being "held." A "hold" is not guaranteed after 60 days if a 50% deposit is not received. Accompanying materials will include a licensing agreement, contract, producer's handbook, Technical Requirements Form and other pertinent information.

The producing organization may "lock-in" a "held" date by sending in a 50% deposit (or, if the event is within 30 days, a 100% deposit). If a deposit is not received, and another request is made for a date, the producing organization holding the date will have two business days to pay for the rental; otherwise, the date will be released. The group "challenging" the hold will be required to put a deposit on the date immediately if it becomes free.

The producing organization will execute the agreement by signing and returning both copies of the contract for Memorial Hall /Lowell Hall Complex representative's signature with the appropriate deposit to the Memorial Hall/Lowell Hall Complex. Payment in the form of a check or money order made out to Harvard University should be mailed to the attention of the Program Manager. One copy of the signed contract will be sent back to the producing organization.

The Producer will fill out the Production Details Form and forward it to the Production Office, and contact the Harvard Box Office regarding ticketing.

Producers are cautioned not to publicize events or put tickets on sale through any ticket office until the entire reservation procedure has been completed.

No event will take place that has not been paid for in advance.
Reserving one facility does not ensure the use of any other part of the building.

A copy of the vendor license must be filed with the Program Manager of the Memorial/Lowell Hall Complex. See the Vendor License Form for details.

Any outstanding charges (i.e. extra hours, piano, damage, etc.) will be deducted from the box office receipts.

The Producer must provide proof of adequate insurance coverage. See the Insurance Requirements section of the Producer's Handbook below:

Producers are responsible for securing all necessary insurance coverage, permits, financing and related sponsorship pertaining to their event prior to scheduled use and filing these with the Memorial Hall/Lowell Hall Complex Director's Office.

The contract specifies the types of insurance required. It states the following insurance requirements for users of Sanders Theatre:
A fully paid policy of public liability and property damage insurance covering the theatre and the time of use, naming Harvard University, Memorial Hall/Lowell Hall Complex and Licensee as insureds.

Minimum limits of liability of $1,000,000 for injury or death and $1,000,000 for property damage.

The insurance company used must be licensed to do business in Massachusetts and rated A-VIII or better by A.M. Best and Company.

A duplicate original or certificate for each such policy must be delivered to the attention of the Program Manager no later than one week prior to the first time of use.

Annenberg Hall

Annenberg Hall is not available during the academic term or during summer school. Requests for non term time rentals should be directed to the Program Manager. Non term time includes:

  • spring break
  • the period between commencement week and the start of the summer school session
  • the period between the end of the summer school session and freshmen arrival
  • winter break

Lowell Hall

Lowell Hall is available for use by student groups only. Application information is available here.