Memorial Hall / Lowell Hall Complex

45 Quincy Street Cambridge, MA 02138
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Sanders Theatre Seating Charts

Please note: These seating charts are for informational purposes only, and do not indicate ticket availability or pricing for specific events. For specific event information and to order tickets please contact The Harvard Box Office. Also, note that
there is no elevator access to the Balcony (two flights of stairs).

Orchestra & Mezzanine | Balcony | Parking & Directions | Accessibility | Views in Theatre | Exit Diagram

Click on any section to see closer detail and a view of the stage.

Orange: Obstructed View Seats
Pink: Partial View Seats
/Green: Accessible & Companion Seating


Orchestra & Mezzanine


Click to see larger image Mezzanine D Seating Orchestra Seating Mezzanine A & B Seating Mezzanine C Seating Mezzanine E Seating Mezzanine F & G Seating


Click to see larger image Balcony E Seating Balcony F & G Seating Balcony D Seating Balcony C Seating Balcony Seating