Memorial Hall / Lowell Hall Complex

45 Quincy Street Cambridge, MA 02138
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Policy Books, Forms & Diagrams


Sanders Theatre Production Details Form Writeable PDF format

Sanders Theatre Stage Ground Plan PDF format

Sanders Theatre Seating Chart PDF format

Sanders Theatre Transept Diagram PDF format

Sanders Theatre Exit Diagram PDF format

Boiler Plate PDF format (recommended information for Sanders Theatre programs)

Approved Vendor List PDF format

Vendor's License Form PDF format (for obtaining a license to sell merchandise)

Alcohol License Form PDF format

Recording Authorization Form (for Harvard organizations)

Recording Authorization Form (for non-Harvard organizations)

Application for License to Broadcast / Distribute PDF format

Producer's Handbook: Guidelines and Policies for Non-Harvard Affiliates PDF format

Producer's Handbook: Guidelines and Policies for Harvard Affiliates and Student Organizations (under revision)


Lowell Lecture Hall diagram PDF format

Lowell Hall Production Details Form Writable PDF format

Lowell Lecture Hall Exit Diagram PDF Format

Lowell Hall Handbook (under revision)


Annenberg Hall diagram PDF format

Annenberg Hall diagram without furniture PDF format

Annenberg Technical Requirements Form PDF format


Ticket Manager Handbook for Student Events

House Manager Handbook for Student Events