Welcome Back,
Harvard Music!

Find the latest information on fall 2020: office hours for advising faculty, answers to your questions about practice rooms, exams, and more, and WHAT WE'RE UP TO in our most recent performances, research, recording, throw-downs and more.

Director of Undergraduate Studies Richard Wolf
Office hours: Fridays, 3-5pm SIGN UP. Prof. Wolf is also available by appointment (email him directly)

Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies Michael Uy
Office hours are Thursdays, 2-4 at his Zoom link. You can also schedule an appointment directly by emailing Prof. Uy.

Director of Graduate Studies Kay Kaufman Shelemay


To view our undergraduate fall COURSES go HERE.

The first day of classes is
Wednesday, Sept. 2. Classes will occur on a MONDAY SCHEDULE

Access to the Music Building
The Music Building is currently closed to students and staff. As the fall progresses and we can see how well the virus is contained, that may change. But for right now, no one can enter. Check back for updated info.

To view To view a recent Q&A with music undergraduate advisors and concentrators, joint concentrators and music as a secondary field students, go HERE.

Music 51 Placement Exam
The placement test for music theory courses will be offered remotely via a dedicated Canvas site. The results of this test will help us recommend whether you should take 51A (music theory I), the preparatory Music 2 (offered in Spring), or jump to 51B (Theory 2, spring; this option is rare). The exam also assists with sectioning students by experience and interests. Please contact the instructor [joseph_jakubowski@fas.harvard.eduto request to be “enrolled” in the Canvas site. You must complete the placement exam before the beginning of the semester.
Note: If a rising freshman or sophomore has taken the AP Theory test (and scored a 5), they can automatically register for 51A without sitting for the placement exam in August/September. AP scores and Placement Test scores hold for two years; if you are a junior or senior, or would like to try and place out of 51A and/or 51B, you must take the test. 

ARTS20 The GARDEN Info Session
for students interested in registering for ARTS20 The Garden, mentored by Claire Chase, Jill Johnson, Karthik Pandian. Info sessions scheduled 12-2pm, on August 20th on ZOOM.  

Where can I store my instrument?
Normally, you may be able to store your instrument in the Music building’s lockers. This fall, however, the lockers are not accessible and you would have to store your instrument in your dorm room.

Is the Music Library open? Can I get materials?
The Music Library is not currently accessible in person, but materials are available. The Music Research Guide has links for our major online resources, and info about how to get in touch with library staff* for help. https://guides.library.harvard.edu/music.
For general library information, this page is the most current:  https://library.harvard.edu/how-to/borrow-materials-and-use-our-services-during-covid-19
*Music librarians Kerry Masteller and Elizabeth Berndt-Morris, will be holding office hours in the fall.

Why is TBA listed on courses as a meeting time?
All fall 2020 courses will be offered online. Because students live in many parts of the world, course meeting times will be determined after the first meeting (through Zoom) when students and professors can find a time that is convenient for all. Professors are busy creating and updating course sites in canvas; browse music courses at my.harvard.edu (Harvard ID and key required). See a schedule of music courses HERE.

I'm a dual degree student: what's happening with my lessons/ensembles?
Berklee and NEC have varying policies this fall.
For questions about Berklee, go to https://www.berklee.edu/btb
Or contact Robert Lagueux rlagueux@berklee.edu or Jen Caraluzzi  jcaraluzzi@berklee.edu 
For NEC, go to https://necmusic.edu/welcome-back-nec
Or contact Rebecca Teeters  rebecca.teeters@necmusic.edu or Steven.sweat@necmusic.edu

How are performance courses going to work? Do I need special equipment?
Each professor has developed an online performance course using a variety of media and resources. Depending on the course you take, you may have equipment mailed to you so that you can participate fully.