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Harvard College Alumni Archive [AB recipients, theses, fellowships 1991-]





Harvard College Alumni Archive: AB Recipients and Theses

*Awarded a Hoopes Prize


Colum Francis Amory
Jen-yen Chen
David Augustus Eggar
Christopher William Gattis
Christopher A. Libertino
Charles Daniel Starrett
Jonathn Victor Waallenberger
Michael Joshua Wartofsky


Maximilian David Fleischman
Jennifer Lynn Giering
Pamela Deirdre Holmes
Sara E. Jobin
Teresa Anne Marrin
Sarah Daphne Patek
Mark James Pletcher
Larissa Helen Sokoloff
Steven Llewellyn Thomas


Anselm Russell Barker
Evan Alexis Christ
Ariadne Maria Daskalaskis
Ethan Bruce Haley
Ian Gerald Henderson
Sarah Hatsuko Hicks
Eugene C. Kim
Aras Lapinskas
Craid Tillman Peters
Joshua Hillel Ranz
Gideon Baker Rubin


Randall Eng: A House Divided: A Music Drama in Two Acts
Erik Karl Gustafson: Rhapsody for Cello and Piano
Samuel Alexander Hilton
Min-Young Kim
Rachel Santiago Manalili: "Reverent Cadence and Subtle Psalm: Benjamin Britten's Wartime Choral Settings of Christian Poetry"
Geoffrey Robert Shamu: "Richard Strauss as Conductor"
Peter Craid Stern: "Ezra Pound and the Music of Poetry"
Carlton Jay Voss: String Quartet No. 4


David Hsiao-Yun Shan
Dominic Matthew Dousa: Symphony in E
Deborah Boatwright Edgar
Melika Michelle Fitzhugh
Matthew Benjamin Gelbart: "Felix Mendelssohn and the Place of Folk Music in Art: A Case Study of the Scottish Symphony"
Russell Todd Graham: The Snow Queen
Steven Wei-ming Huang
Chris Travis Kenaszchuk
Hollister Jane Leopold
Jennifer R. Montbach
Channing Aloysius Paluck: "The Effect of Music on Children's Success in the School Environment"
Elizabeth Megan Remy: "Transforming Persephone through Music and Words"
Adam Emmett Rosen
Amy Maya Shimbo: Missa Brevis for Solo Soprano and Baritone, Mixed Chamber Chorus, Wind Quartet
Janet Unyoung Sung: "Authenticity: Preserved or Re-Invented? Examining Authenticit Through the Ideas of Hungarian Nationalism and the Works of Bela Bartok"
Simon Tom


Awet Andemicael: "Modeling Repertoire Choice in Professional American Opera Companies"
Alexander Barylski: "The Critic as Composer: Sir Donald Francis Tovey's Cello Concerto in C, Opus 40"
John Capello: "Ethnography of Jazz at Lincoln Center"
Mathew Haimovitz: "A Dialogue of Analytical, Musicological, and Performance Perspectives on Beethoven's Opus 102 No. 2"
Orin Johson: The Green Lady
Jefferson Packer: "Monteverdi's Response to Text and Drama in L'Orfeo and L"incoronazione di Poppea: A Comparative Analysis"
Michael Puri: Adorno
Adam Rose: "The Historical Context, Musical Americanism, and Compositional Style of Aaron Copland's Third Symphony"
Renee Ting
Juliana Trivers: Cello Concerto
Seth Weinstein: Ordinary People: A Musical
Luna Woolf: Still Life Suite: Five Dances for Orchestra
Leslie Yahia


Brent Auerbach: Summer's End
Matthew Bester: "Intabulations for Lute of Italian Secular works in Rome 1608"
Eric Damast
Mary Farbood: Missa for Chorus and Orchestra
Helen French: "Vaughan Williams' Eighth Symphony: A Late Experiment"
Willard Roy Huval
Andrew Jacobs: Waiting for My Life for Soprano and Ensemble
Caroline Mallonee: Three Nocturnes for Soprano & Orchestra
Ruth Ochs: "Amy Beach's Mass in E flat, Op. 5"
Michael J. Olbash
Jonathan Yates: String Quartet

Joint Concentrators

Amy Brown (Religion): Heart Song
Caprice Corona (Social Anthropology): "Representations of Ethnicity in the Chicano/Latino Rap Music and Hiphop Culture of Los Angeles, California"
Catherine deLima (English & American Literature): "Showboat from Novel to Musical"
Katherine Evans (English & American Literature): "Shakespeare and Verdi: A Study of Macbeth"
Darin Goulet (English & American Literature): Not Much Fun
Olivia Herman (German): Echoes on Stone
Robert Lagueux (History): "Writing the Fleury Play-Book"


Michael Barrett: "Issues of Performance Practice in Cantata 79 of J.S. Bach"
Michael Cuthbert: "Fragments of Polyphonic Music from the Abbey of S. Giustina: Codices, Composers, and Context in Late-Medieval Padua"
Jonathan Deily-Swearingen: Suite for piano quintet
Clifford Ginn: Chamber Symphony
Matthew Lima: Gamut: Six Movements for Eleven Players
Judith Quinones: "Irish Pub Sessions, Let's See What the 'Craic' Is"
Sami Shumays: Variations for Octet for clarinet quartet and string quartet
Andra Voldins: "Women in the Classical Music Industry"

Joint Concentrators

Hubert Ho (Physics): A Vision of Time
Christopher Thorpe (Computer Science): "The Application of Stochastic Processes in the Harmonization of Bach Chorale Melodies"


Christopher Ariza: Comma, for Large Ensemble
Benjamin Lebwohl
Daniel Roihl: Mass (Movements I & II)
Eric Tipler
Fleur de Vie Weinstock: An Electronic Composition in Memory of Ivan Tcherepnin

Joint Concentrators

Wesley Chee Chin (Women's Studies): "Madonna"
Brendan Daly (Romance Languages & Literatures): "Glossed Music and Glossed Verse: Reconstructing the Poetics of the 16th Century
Villancico as Represented in the Volume 'Villancicos de diversos authores…' (1556)"
Iris Lan (Chemistry and Physics): "Finding Choregoraphy for Stravinsky's 'Tango' (1940)"
Jennifer Morales (English & American Literature and Language): "From Broadside Ballads to Ballad Opera: A Study of the Popular Music Genres of 17th- and 18th-Century England"


John Driscoll : Concerto for solo flute, clarinet and violin &chamber orchestra
Shawn Feeney: The boy who became a twittering machine
Alexandre Freedman : "So What and More: Interaction in the Miles Davis Quintet of 1964"
Albert Kim
David Kim
Charles Messing
Benjamin Rous: A Bagatelle and Five Etudes
Jonathan Russell: Quartet for Four Clarinets
Daisy Stanton
Jennifer Young: The Road Goes Ever On and On (songs for male voices)

Joint Concentrators

John Baxindine (English & American Literature): "The Trouble with Candide" : Analysis of an Operetta
Elena Cho (English & American Literature): "The virtuoso as paradox : binary opposition in Franz Liszt and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes"
Aaron Einbond (Physics): Chamber Symphony (for 14 players)
Martijn Hostetler (Visual and Environmental Studies) : Preludes (12 preludes for film and piano)
Lane Shadgett (Sociology) : "Pierre Bourdieu and Richard Wagner : a study of the bipartite elite through the lens of the music drama of the latter nineteenth century"


Jesse Billet: "A Newly Identified thirteenth-Centry Franciscan Antiphone: Houghtonn Library, pfMS Typ 198"
John Ashley Burgoyne: "Cinderella Stories. Vladimir Propp and the Analysis of Opera"
Thoedore Hine
Christopher Jenkins
R. David Salvage: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Joint Concentrators

Alexander Boroson (Linguistics): "Emotion and Meaning in Film Music"
Jennifer Caine (Salvic Languages and Literatures): "Revealing Intentions: A Literary and Musical Analysis of Shostakovich's 'Six Poems of Mrina Tsvetaeva', op. 143"
Grace Kao (Chemistry): "Performance Pitch of Sixteenth-Century English Sacred Music: An Interdisciplinary Approach"
Jennifer Lee (Social Anthropology): "From Imagination to Realization: Notions of a Disstinct Cello Community"
Ayano Niniomiya (Romance Languages and Literatures): "The 19th-Century French Salon as Exemplified by Pierre Vaillot and George Sand"


Akuorkor Ablorh
Daniel Lembit-Beecher : Where Wind Becomes Song for Chamber Ensemble and Small Chorus
Sarah Darling
Christopher Hossfeld : Miss Julie: an opera in one act
Eric Hughes
Joshua Packard
Nathaniel Whitman : Dark Dark Music: A Rock Opera: Act I

Joint Concentrators

John Bachman (Computer Science) "Exploring SoundSpace: The Musical and Technical Foundations of Virtual Interactive Sound Environments"
Gabrielle Clark (History) : "The 'Société académique des enfants d'Apollon': Musicians and Intellectuals in French Society, ca. 1741–1891"
Peter Dong (Physics) : Les Phys: a musical
Elizabeth Kessler (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization) : "The Music Pedagogy of the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony"
Jihwan Kim (East Asian Studies) : A Korean Story
Joseph Lake (Classics - Greek) : Shortly Before Dawn, Port Clyde, ME: Improvisations for MIDI-Controlled Serge and Buchla Analog Modular Synthesizers Processed in Realtime with MSP
Sarah Meyers (Philosophy) : "Surviving Salzburg: Rethinking the Relationship of Identity in Operatic Works"
Gregory Padgett (History of Science) : "Space, Serialism, and Simultaneity: Einstein, Schoenberg, and Cultural Modernism, 1900–1930"
Christopher Trapani (English and American Literature) : "Songs from the Plays: Creating a Musical Reflection of Kenneth Koch's Poetry"
John Bachman (Computer Science)
Gabrielle Clark (History)


Jason Deane Armstrong: "A Close Analysis of the Prelude in C Minor (BWV 871), Using Articulation and Grouping to Describe Subjective Understandings"
Mona Caitlin Lewandoski: Cantata on Sacred Themes
Sean Henry Ryan
Daniel Dushan Sedgwick: Quintet for Piano and Strings for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass
Kathleen Abernathy Stetson: Fly Me to the Moon Saloon Three Dance Episodes

Joint Concentrators

Michelle Elizabeth Yael Braunschweig (History): "Mahler's Tristan and the Politics of Wagnerian Aesthetics, 1897–1907"
Kristin Elisabeth Naragon (Psychology): "The Perception of Timbre as an Organizational Structure in Twentieth Century Nontonal Music"
Jacob Charles Richman (Visual and Environmental Studies): anyone lived in a pretty how town for Trombone Trio, Narrator and Film
Meredith Lynne Schweig (East Asian Studies): "Made in Taiwan: Hybrid Voices and the Performance of Cultural Plurality in Taiwan's Popular Music, from Teresa Teng to Samingad"


William Landry Aronson: Three to Five Pages
Michael Richard Callahan: "Aspects of Pitch Structure in Anton von Webern's Fünf Sätze für Streichquartett, Op. 5"
Reed Lawrence Collins
Carson Pierce Cooman: Spectrum: Concerto-Cantata for Oboe, Chorus, and Chamber Orchestra
Katharine Strider Dain
Jeffrey Adam Grossman
Moira Leanne Hill: "Matthias Weckmann's Four Sacred Concertos of 1663: Sources, Structures, and Influences from Italian Music in KN 206 and KN 145"
LeMinh Ho
John Andrew McMunn: "Perceiving Carter: a Phenomenological Analysis of String Quartet No. 1"
Alexander Stolmack Ness: The Lure of the Deep
Matthew Thomas O'Malley: On the Playa
James Alexander Stopher

Joint Concentrators

William Jeffrey Adams (East Asian Studies): "Media-Space: The Constructed Experience of International Pop Music in Contemporary China"
Anthony S. Cheung (History): "Revisiting Ah Q: Misreading Intent and Rhetoric in The True Story of Ah Q and An Operatic Adaptation in Ten Scenes"
Miki-Sophia Justina Dorothy Cloud (English and American Literatures and Languages): Visions of the Daughters of Albion: A Musical Drama in Two Acts
Adrien Cote Finlay (Romance Languages and Literatures): "Towards French Opera: The First Production of Lully's Academy of Music, Les Fetes de l'Amour et de Bacchus"
Marisa Wickersham Green (Classics): "Virgil in Rome, Dido in Venice: The Aeneid in 17th-Century Italian Musical Drama"


Michael Abbriano: Invisible Cities (in Thirteen Parts for Small Orchestra, after Italo Calvino)
Francesca Jean Anderegg
Bradley Balliett: "36 Etudes for Bassoon, Volume One: The Conception of the Keys, Volume Two: Exercises for the Contemporary Bassoonist"
Lisa Whitson Burns
David Charles Dodman
Brooke Marisa Lieberman
Toni Marie Marchioni

Joint Concentrators

Warren Grant Behr (Mathematics): "Stravinsky's Neoclassical Counterpoint"
John Gunnar Carlsson (Mathematics): "SCRAWL, an Optical Music Recognition System"
Joseph P. Fishman (Religion): "The Collective Memory of a Memorial: The American Reception of Dmitri Shostakovich's Second Piano Trio in E minor, Op. 67"
Megan Elizabeth Goldstein (Social Anthropology): "Black & White and Blue: Jazz in Film Noir"
Lara Marie Hirner (Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies): "Completing the Circle: Singing Women's Universality and the Music of Libana"
DoanNhi Dona Le (Germanic Languages & Literatures): "The Sound of Silence, as written by Paul Celan and composed by Harrison Birtwistle: A Contemporary Setting of 'Tenebrae'"
Laura Stephanie Manion (History): "The WPA Music Programs: Conflicting Claims Concerning American Identity, 1930–1943"
Frank Carmine Napolitano (Religion): "The Song of Songs: Musical and Theological Trajectories and Depiction in the 16th-Century Latin Sacred Motet"
Anicia Chung Timberlake (Germanic Languages & Literatures): "Turnings Inwards: Musical Tradition and German Identity in the Weimar Republic"
Berenika Dorota Zakrzewski (Government/January degree): "Urban Revitalization, Municipal Politics, and the Value of Performing Arts Centers"


Damian Blättler: "L'artiste-magicien et ses sortilèges: Exoticism, Literary Currents, and Ravel's Compositional Aesthetic"
Daniel Chetel
Michael Givey
David L. Richmond: "Debussy in Boston's Imagination: The Performance of Sensuality"
Emily Claire Richmond
"Domesticating Die Soldaten: A Critical Interpretation of Bernd Alois Zimmermann's Opera based on Character Relationships, Small-Scale Politics, and the Domestic Sphere"
Derrick Wang: Trajectories for Piano and Orchestra
Emily Carolyn Zazulia: "Johannes Puyllois (d. 1478) and His Sacred Music: A Reassessment, with a Critical Edition of His Complete Works"

Joint Concentrators

Benjamin E. Green (Computer Science): "Using Hierarchical Models of Mode to Construct a General Model for Melody"
David Kronig (Government): "Shostakovich in Stalinist Russia: Resisting Totalitarianism and Maintaining Individuality Through Music"
Stephanie Johanna Lai (Social Studies) : "The Pacific Music Festival: Myth, Ritual, and Utopia"
Annelisa Helene Pedersen (English and American Literature and Language): "Except me. Accept me. Expect me. Except me: The Collaborative Contrariness of Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson"
Jordan Bennett Louis Smith (Physics): "Testing Zipf's Law: The Mathematics and Aesthetics of Performance"


Doug Balliett : The Retelling (for Rock Band and Orchestra)

Joint Concentrators

Shira Brettman (History) : "Bernstein and Hellman's Candide: the Politics of Failure in Post-War American Musical Theater"
Laurence Coderre (East Asian Studies): "Pihuang, Violins, and Infallible Heros: Internal Contradictions of the Model Operas"
Chrix Finne (Mathematics): "Tonal Tori and Other Iddities: A Neo-Riemannian Survey"


Athena Adamopoulos
Julia Scott Carey: Three orchestral songs
Julia Soojin Cavallaro
Justin Hurwitz
Paul Lawrence Kolb: "Rethinking Tradition: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Psalm Settings in Claudio Monteverdi's Selva morale e spirituale (1641)"
Elizabeth Lim: Windfalls (Concerto for Orchestra)
Jesse Wiener: 13: Original Composition

Joint Concentrators

Nora Izumi Bartosik (Germanic Languages and Literatures): "Keeping the Hills Alive: Conflicts of Tradition in Swiss Appenzeller Folk Music"
Richard Conrad Cozzens (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations): "We're not Gs—We're Arabs": Arab Identity in the Politics and Poetics of Rap in Jordan, Syria, and Palestine"
Aram Demirjian (Government): "From Musical Consonance to Institutional Dissonance: The U.S. Government and the Internationalization of American Music"
Benjamin R. Eisler (Economics): "Art for Art's Sake: Classical Music's Rebellion Against the Market, and the Price We Pay"
Seth Philip Herbst (English and American Literature and Language): "Two Dramas Both Alike: Words, Music, and Imagination in Shakespeare's and Prokofiev's Versions of Romeo and Juliet"
Meghan Christina Joyce (English and American Literature and Language): "Synthesizing the Arts: James Joyce's and Tennessee Williams's Applications of Richard Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk"
Alexis Kusy (History of Art and Architecture)
Catherine Elizabeth Powell (English and American Literature and Language): "King Arthur's Anatomy: Semi-Opera on the Restoration Stage"


Sandra Cameron: "Listening with the Eyes: The Marriage of Music and Video"
Thomas Compton
Anna Graettinger: "Transcendence in Music"
Daniel Gurney
Eric Lin
Andrew Lowy
Meghan McLoughlin
Matthew Mendez: "'If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?': Julius Eastman and the Construction of 'Guerrilla' Musicianship"
Michael Schachter: The Ten Plagues (for Small Jazz Ensemble)*
Alex Shiozaki
John Sullivan: "Large-Scale Musical Architecture in Wagner's Die Meistersinger"

Joint Concentrators

Matthew Hall (Linguistics): "Syntax, Time, and the Experience of Music Meaning"*
Katherine Hill (Economics): "Copyright as an Incentive for Musical Creation: An Examination of the Effects of Copyright Law Changes on Registrations, 1978–2006"
John Kapusta (Literature): "Textual Description, Music Response: History and Practice of the Program Notes of the Boston Symphony Orchestra"
Roy Kimmey (History): "Johnny Rotten Behind the Berlin Wall: Punk in East Germany, 1979-1989"


Alexander Bernstein: "Aaron Copland's Piano Variations: A Historical Analysis"
Miles Canaday: "Amphion's Lyre: Stravinsky's use of musical order to create cacophony in Petrushka"
Benjamin Cosgrove: Commonwealth (for Two-channel Tape)
Jacqueline Havens
Samuel Linden: Love Stories (18 "Pop" Songs for Four Soloists and Chamber Ensemble)
Jon Meadow
Robin Reinert
Katherine Riopelle (March degree)
Foster Wang
Harold Wu: "A Comparative Analysis of Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto in C minor, Op. 18, First Movement (Moderato)"

Joint Concentrators

Victoria Aschheim (History of Art and Architecture): "Searing Memory With the Document: Gerhard Richter's Early Photo-Paintings and Steve Reich's Different Trains"*
Jonathan Bragg (Computer Science): "Detection of Neo-Riemannian Cycles: A Finite State Approach"
Ilan Caplan (Comparative Study of Religion): "Shabbos With Schlomo: Music, Community, and Charisma in the Carlebach Shul"
Rachel Carpentier (Sanskrit and Indian Studies) : "The Domestication of Madras: Western Music in Anglican Madras, 1813–1947"
Christopher Lim (Mathematics): "Active Perception and Knowledge in Musical Experience: Completing a Description of the Auditory Scene Analysis of Music"*
Jordan Reddout (Anthropology): "Tienes Que Vivirlo: You Have To Live It – A Study into the Cultural Impact and Social Significance of Flamenco in Casabermeja, Spain"
Katherine Schick (English): "In Her Own Voice. A Study of Three American Operas: Marc Blitzstein's Regina, Aaron Copland's The Tender Land, and Carlisle Floyd's Susannah"
Dennis Sun (Mathematics): "Xian Xinghai: The Making of China's National Composer"


Chad Richmond Cannon: A Thousand Years In Shuri *
Michael David Cherella: "Modern Continuo Realization and Bach's Obbligato Keyboard Parts"
David Hislop Miller: "'Revel in sounds!': Orchestration in Anton Webern's Concerto, Op. 24"
Juan Carlos Valdes Fernandez
Joshua Parker Woodruff

Joint Concentrators

Kirby Evers Haugland (Mathematics): "Composers, Pedagogues, and Photographers: Impressions on Brass Instruments, Timbre and Performance Practice"
Christopher Anders Johnson-Roberson (History and Literature): "Princess Magogo Revisited: Gender, Modernity, and Nationalism in Zulu Women's Bow Song"*


Hanna Yeon-ha Choi
Bryan Chung Chieh Chuan
Emily Anne Eckart
Miriam Hope Jacob Fogel: "Mahler and the New York Philharmonic: The Context, the Changes, the Consequences"
Stewart Nelson Kramer
Andrew Jacob Leiman
Gabrielle Therese Lochard: "Silence, Continuity, and the Humorous Moment in Late-18th Century Instrumental Music"
Carl Andrew Pillot: "Transplanting the Clave: The Migration of Cuban Drummers and Their Influence on Jazz"
Jesse Clayton Wong

Joint Concentrators

Ian Harrison Clark, Music/Linguistics: "Learning to Sing: Evidence for Non-Native Acquisition of Musical Gramma"
Marissa Anne Glynias, Music/Anthropology: "The Archaeomusicology of Bone Flutes: From the Paleolithic to Peru"
Alexander Thomas Valente, Music/Mathematics: "Occurrences in the Kreutzer Sonata" (Composition)
Bryant Danard Wright, Music/African and African American Studies: "Why White People Can't Dance: A Study of Contemporary R&B Music, 1990 to Present"


Jorge Andrés Ballesteros
Mark Parker (March 2013): Making it Up As They Go Along: Free-improvisation, Jazz, and the Metamodern Performance Aesthetic
Kyle Courtland: Randall String Quartet Number 1
Christian Rivera: "The Choreographer, the Composer, and the Electronic Sound:Overcoming the Interpretive Barrier and Exploring New Avenues of Collaborative Expression"

Joint Concentrators

Zachary Thomas Sheets, Romance Languages & Literatures: You alone are stranger here (a concert-opera in one act for singers and chamber orchestra and accompanying paper)*


Lydia Brindamour (March 2014): (not, as yet…) (for string quartet and electronics)
Louis Coppersmith: "Hunting Wild Mushrooms: John Cage and the Norton Lectures (1988-9)"
Ben Ory: "Entrenched in the Nineteenth Century: Brahms's Progressive Form in the Symphonic Slow Movements"

Joint Concentrators

Aviva Hakanoglu, Philosophy primary: "The Art of the Fugue: Leibniz's Idea of Perfection through Bach's Masterpiece"
Dylan Nagler, Computer Science primary: "The Art of the Fugue: Leibniz's Idea of Perfection through Bach's Masterpiece*
Madeline Smith,Classics primary: "Ransomed Shadows: Translation, Adaptation, and Composition by Madeline Smith Based on Euripides' Alcestis"


Ricardo Robledo

Joint Concentrators

Stella Fiorenzoli (primary in History of Art and Architecture) “Hearing Architecture, Seeing Music: The Common Language of Reinterpretation Through Deconstruction”
Dylan Freedman (primary in Computer Science) “Correlational Harmonic Metrics: Bridging Computational and Human Notions of Musical Harmony”
Benjamin Nuzzo (allied in Mathematics) “Inferno Suite for Chamber Orchestra” [Original Composition]
Maxwell Phillips (allied in Germanic Languages and Literature) “Formphantasien: Composing the Echoes of Adorno’s Musical Thought Today”
Sarah Reid (allied in Anthropology) “‘Just a Bunch of Wood and Some Steel Strings:’ Authenticity and Tradition in Americana and Bluegrass Musics”


Henry Burnam: "On the Phenomenology of Repetition and Endings in Haydn’s Symphonic Finales: A View from Symphonies No. 90 and 95"
*Sumire Hirotsuru: "Folk Song Influences in Music of 20th Century: Bartók, Villa-Lobos, Stravinsky, and Piazzolla"**
*George Ko: "Frédéric Chopin’s Op. 10 Études: Developing Legato Technique"
Dylan Marcaurele
Scott Peters
Samuel Pottash
Rose Whitcomb: "Creative Musical Communities Connecting Educators and Artists in Contemporary Music Education American Secondary Music Education and the Lessons
of Great Black Music"

Joint Concentrators

Kapena Baptista – allied with Anthropology: “Lovely Hula Hands”: Native Hawaiian Identity in Hapa-Haole Music and Hula Performance
Josh Bean – allied with Eastern Asian Studies: "The Myth of Madame Mao and Her World: Reexamining Jiang Qing’s Gendered Legacy in Nixon in China and Beyond"
*Joshuah Campbell – allied with Romance Languages and Literatures/French: “Paris Tout Entier”: Musical Histories of Improvisation and Blackness from African-American Musicians in Paris, 1920 to Now"
Eric Corcoran – allied with English: "Allegory in Gesamtkunstwerk – Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen"
Samantha Heinle – allied with Comparative Literature: “‘Dieses Gesetz Kenne Ich Nicht’: Composers as Reader in Gottfried von
Einem’s Der Prozess"
Michael Raleigh – allied with Germanic Languages and Literature: "Nänie: Schiller, Goetz, Brahms"
Lauren Goff – primary in Linguistics: "Dropping a Medieval Beat: Text Setting Patterns in the Chansons of Gilles Binchois"
Hugh Zabriskie – primary in Computer Science: "Computational Harmonic Analysis and Prediction in the Bach Chorales"

* Performance-based thesis (recital plus research component)
**First thesis recital for the Department of Music, March 6, 2016


Desmond Green
Auburn Lee: Fresh Scratches for string quartet
Elias Miller: "Defining a New Epoch in the History Of Counterpoint: Fugue in the Music of Hector Berlioz"
Caroline Murphy: "Pierre Certon: Transcriptions & Recordings from his 1542 Book of 24 Motets"
Sean Rodan

Joint Concentrators

Quincy Cason - with Philosophy: "Blurred Lines: What Stands Between Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement in Music"
Ari Korotkin - with Anthropology: like ones also stir for voice and electronic
Carolos Snaider - with African and African American Studies: "luz-twi-light: Esotericism and Mysticism in Creative Music"
Sam Wu - with East Asian Studies: Ephemerae, inspired by Fujian nanyin
Sarah Yeoh-Wang - with English: "A Measure in Gaps: Metaphor in William Carlos Williams' Paterson Book V and Its Musical Settings"


Caroline Boyce
Sydney Mukasa
Brandon Lincoln Snyder, “Preparing - Remembering - a Room” (composition)

Joint Concentrators

Rachael Dawson: allied with Chemistry, “Characterizing the Music Environment of Young Children by Developing a Novel Questionnaire for the Investigation of Corresponding Relationships with Brain Structure”
Saskia Keller: allied with History of Art and Architecture, “Angels of the Pietà: Sound and Image in Giambattista Tiepolo’s Coronation of the Virgin”
Fraser Weist: allied with Computer Science, “Order out of Chaos: Randomized heuristics and their application to the harmonization problem”


Emily Brother: (Lecture-Recital) “From the Page to Performance: A Lecture-Recital Exploring the Interpretive Possibilities in
Frédéric Chopin’s Preludes, Op.28”
Dalen Ferreira: (Composition) Ils Sont Entr és dans la Maison: Score for Mixed Quintet
Luke Martinez: (Performance and Composition) Saccharine

Joint Concentrators

Ethan Craigo with Computer Science: “Neural Network-Aided Audio Processing for Automated Vocal Coaching”
Isabel Lapuerta with Anthropology: “Cantar Mis Versos del Alma”: How Musician Navigate Identity, Commodification,
and Personhood in Cuba’s Tourism Industry
Eunice (Yoo Kyung) Lee with Physics: (Composition) Cold
Mateo Lincoln with Comparative Literature: (Composition) The Tempest: A Musical
Arlesia McGowan with Human Developmental Regenerative Biology: “Music to Mice’s Ears: A Study of the Claims for Music Preference in Mice”
Haden Smiley with Romance Languages and Literature: “‘Weekend Cowboy’: Pop-up Imperialism and American Country Music in Italy”
Jacob Tilton with Government: “Yankee Doodles: The Music and Politics of Charles Ives”
Austin Weber with Visual and Environmental Studies: (Composition) Love Songs for No One


Justin Camie
Branch Freeman: (Composition, oratorio) Semiel in Eden
Sasha (Alexander) Yakub: (Composition, chamber opera fragment) Slice of Life

Joint Concentrators

Marie Carroll with History and Science: “Materiality of Globalization: the Modernization of Traditional Music in Japan and Korea After World War II”
Christopher Colby with Classical Languages: “Voicing Tragedy: A Realization of Ancient Greek Music”
Scott Roberts with Anthropology: “La Sinfonía Africana: The Musical Record of the Batá Drum”

Undergraduate Fellowships 1991-


no data available


Sara Jobin received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study conducting at the Pierre Monteux Conducting School in Hancock, Maine, and in San Francisco with Alasdair Neale, Assistant Conductor of the San Francisco Symphony.


Evan Christ received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study as a special student at the Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary in order to further develop his musicianship and conducting skills.
Aras Lapinskas received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to spend the summer studying Lithuanian folklore and folk music in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Sam Hilton received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to pursue ethnomusicological research in Vietnam, primarily at the Hanoi Conservatory.
Geoffrey Shamu received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study trumpet in Paris with Pierre Thibaut and Baroque trumpet performance practice with teachers in London and Cologne.


Matthew Benjamin Gelbart received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to pursue musicological research in London, Berlin, and Krakow.
Simon Tom received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study piano performance in London wiht Maria Curcio and to travel to musical historical sites in Austria and elsewhere.


Michael Puri received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship for further study at several European music schools.
Juliana Trivers received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study composition in Paris with composer Betsy Jolas.
Luna Woolf received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship for the study of composition in France.




Sami Shumays received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study Arab music with Simon Shaheen in New York City.


Iris Lan received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study representations of the tango and other Western ballroommusic and dance in East Asia.


Shawn Feeney received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study at the Elam School of Art at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, towards a Masters Degree in Intermedia.


Jennifer Caine received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship for travel in conjunction with her study at the Royal College of Music in London.
Jennifer Lee received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship for travel in Europe in conjunction with her study at Oxford University.


John A. Bachman received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study North Indian classical drumming in Nepal.
Sarah Darling received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to study viola and baroque violin performance with Nobuko Imai at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
Christopher Trapani received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to support his postgraduate composition studies in Europe.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Kristin Naragon to attend the McGill Summer Organ Academy, the International Summer Music Academy in Leipzig, Germany, and the Smarano International Organ, Clavichord and Improvisation Academy near Milan, Italy.
Sean Henry Ryan to travel to Stockholm, Sweden to study with Maestro Alan Gilbert of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.
Meredith Schweig to support a post-graduate project on the sound, origin, and development of the "quintessential Taiwanese" music voice, 1950-present.
Kathleen Stetson to study French at the Alliance Francaise in Paris while studying French vocal literature and voice.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Anthony Cheung to attend the Acanthes composition workshop.
Katharine Dain for voice study at Guildhall School in London.
Adrien Finlay to search in Paris and Cambridge.
Moira Hill for organ study at Trossingen, Germany.
LeMinh Ho for a Lisztian European tour.
John McMunn for travel and living expenses at King's College, England.
Alexander Ness to travel to University of Wisconsin international program - India.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Francesca Anderegg to visit and study period orchestras in England.
Joseph Fishman to pursue an M. Phil in historical musicology at the University of Cambridge, studying Dmitri Shostakovich's Thirteenth Symphony as a musical response to the Holocaust.
Anicia Timberlake to research the reception and treatment of modern international music in the German Democratic Republic.
Berenika Zakrzewski to study at Oxford University, collaborate with Oxford composers, and conduct research at arts councils in Germany and France.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Stephanie Lai to visit Mozart-related sites and hear concerts of Mozart’s work in Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague, and to conduct research on the Elgar Cello Concerto.
Annelisa Pederson to support her trip to Zambia where she will conduct ethnographic research and implement a summer music program for children, teens and adults in the Meheba Refugee Settlement.
David Richmond to study oboe with George Sakakeeny and to work with orchestral bassoonists in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.
Emily Zazulia to conduct research at the Paris Bibliotheque Nationale


Kurt Crowley received a John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship to conduct research in Punjab, India on Sikh tradition.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Nora Bartosik to study piano in Poland, Austria, France, and England.
Julia Cavallaro to study voice in England.
Aram Demirjian to study conducting and participate in competitions in Czech Republic, France, and Germany.
Paul Kolb to study theory and composition at Oxford.
Elizabeth Lim to study composition and opera in California, Italy, and Austria


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Daniel Gurney to study street busking in Europe and to meet with local musical figures.
Matthew Hall to research harpsichords in the United Kingdom.
John Kapusta to participate in vocal master classes in France, England, and Germany.
Meghan McLoughlin for Carnatic vocal study in India.
Matthew Mendez to attend the NEC Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, and to support compositional study in London.
Michael Schachter to study Carnatic music in India.
Alex Shiozaki to attend a chamber music program in Paris.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Victoria Aschheim to conduct archival research at Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel, Switzerland.
Rachel Carpentier to support her music teaching at the Kodaikanal International School in India
Forrest O'Connor to conduct arts programming with Sister City's International in Washington, DC
Benjamin Cosgrove to conduct an internship at Greenhouse Studios, Reykjavik, Iceland.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Chad Cannon to conduct research in the Ryukyu Islands in China and in Japan.
Tamar Grader for travel to Switzerland for harpsichord study with Jasper B. Christensen.
David Miller ( to conduct performance studies and composition research in Vienna.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Miriam Fogel to conduct research on Italian instrumental music organizations.
Mark Parker to condcut fieldwork on experimental music in Tokyo Japan.
Carl Pillot to conduct research on Afro-Cuban drumming and jazz in California, New York, and New Jersey.
Alexander Valente for travel to Germany and Austria.
Jesse Wong for travel to the UK to study opera and musical communities.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Andres Ballesteros to participate in the highSCORE Contemporary Music Festival
Irineo Cabreras to conduct to participate in four summer dance workshops.
Kyle Randall for research in Italy, and to produce an electronic music project.
Zach Sheets to attend concerts in Europe and to pursue composition lessons at the American Conservatory at Fontainebleu.

The Davison Prize was awarded to:

Kyra Atekwana to conduct social science research on community and musical theater.
Kathryn Walsh to conduct research on musical theater and political advocacy.


Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Theo Breen to participate in the Darmstadt summer program.
Lydia Brindamour for travel to Italy and Germany to attend the SoundSCAPE festival and Darmstadt.
Calvin Chin for travel to study music in the ritual of Mahayana Buddhism in the Karthmandu Valley of Nepal.
Aviva Hakanoglu to travel to London, Berlin, and Leipzig to attend master classes, lessons, concerts, and the Leipzig Bach Festival.
Ben Ory to support a year of independent study with Ludwig Holtmeier at the Hochschule fur Musik, Freiburg.
Madeline Smith to travel to Berlin, Paris and London to attend concerts and stage productions and speak with theater makers.

The Davison Prize was awarded to:

Lee Aubur to attend the Aspen Music Festival and conduct research in orchestration, balance, and articulation and dynamics.
Max Phillips to travel to Germany to attend a conducting festival and for language study.
Danielle Rabinowitz to travel to Italy to attend the soundSCAPE festival, for private composition lessons and composition collaboration.
Sarah Reid for thesis research and fieldwork in Nashville, TN and on Prince Edward Island.
Sam Wu ( to travel to Inner Mongolia to research musical traditions.


John Knowles Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Stella Chen to study performance at the Academie Internationale D’Eté de Nice and to study French Music and Debussy at the Matisse Museum in France
Dylan Freedman to continue thesis research in music informatics in London and Vienna, and to participate in a conference in Ireland
Maxwell Phillips to explore Viking ruins in northern Scotland, and to work with John Eliot Gardiner in London
Sarah Reid to conduct research on photography’s role in creating musical identity in France

Davison Prizes were awarded to:
Sumire Hirotsuru to attend the Mozarteum International Summer Academy in Salzburg
Sean Rodan to attend the European American Musical Alliance program in France
Laila Smith to conduct fieldwork on the NYC jazz scene


John Knowles Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Kapena Baptista to study Portuguese guitar and fado music in Lisbon, Portugal
Joshua Bean for travel to China and Taiwan to study music and the culture
Amir Bitran to attend the Cortona Sessions for New Music in Italy
Henry Burnham for intensive German study at the Goethe Institut in preparation for graduate study in music theory
Joshuah Campbell to attend jazz festivals in Europe, and to collaborate
Eric Corcoran for travel to Seoul to research K-Pop music
Sumire Hirotsuru for travel to Japan to study Japanese folk music and Kabuki
Dylan MarcAurele to research composition and orchestration with Alex Lacamoire and Brian Lowdermilk in New York City
Scott Peters to network with musicians and industry professionals in Nashville
Sam Pottash to attend Electronic Dance Music Conference and Expo to record interviews with artists and professionals

Davison Prizes were awarded to:
Audrey Chen to attend the Piatigorsky Cello Festival and the Taos Scholl of Music Chamber Music Festival
Auburn Lee to attend the Bowdoin Summer Composition Festival
Alexander Scolnick-Brower to Attend the Festival dei Due Mondi at Spoleto, Italy as Assistant Conductor
Sam Wu to attend New Music On the Point and European-American Musical Alliance. Wu also received an OFA Artist Development Fellowship and an EAMA Merit Award.


John Knowles Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Desmond Green to attend opera in Germany and to travel to Australia to study indigenous music.
Ari Korotkin to support label development and produce compositions.
Elias Miller to study language in Germany.
Sean Rodan to study Tenrikyo in Japan.
Carlos Snaider to support performing, researching, and collaboration in Spain, California, and Puerto Rico.
Sam Wu to attend the Bowdoin Festival and explore Yosemite.
Sarah Yeoh-Wang to attend the Bowdoin Festival and to study harp.

Davison Prizes were awarded to:
Aaron Fogelson to conduct documentary film research in Chicago’s South Side as well as to conduct fieldwork with musicians, artists, and activists.
Saskia Maxwell Keller to conduct thesis research in Italy on Vivaldi and the painter Tiepolo.
Haden Smiley to support Italian language study and an opera internship in Italy.
Emma Woo to conduct music therapy research in Singapore.


John Knowles Paine Fellowships were awarded to:
Caroline Boyce for travel to Europe for German language study and performance attendance.
Rachael Dawson for travel to Austria and Italy for performances and research.
Dalen Ferreira for travel to NY to attend the Music and Moving Image Conference.
Saskia Keller for travel to England to view instrument collections and attend performances.
Isa Lapuerta for travel to Cuba for ethnographic research.
Scott Roberts for travel to Cuba for archival research and fieldwork.
Brandon Snyder for travel to Germany to attend the Darmstadt Course in Music and Dance led by Stefan Prins.
Fraser Weist for travel to France and Italy for sound research and seminar attendance.

Davison Prizes were awarded to:
Ava Brignol for travel to Los Angeles to finish a debut, self-produced album and shadow music producer Fernando Garibay.
Audrey Chen for travel to Chicago to attend the five-week Ravinia Fesetival and to New York for a Perlman Chamber Music Workshop.
Paul Georgoulis for travel to Maine to attend Atlantic Music Festival Summer Composition Institute.
Eden Girma for travel and study at Goldsmiths, University of London.
Ju Hyun Lee for travel to Canada to attend the Orford Music Academy.
Liam McGill for travel to Canada for the Banff Festival and to Germany for Darmstadt Music Festival.
NaYoung Yang for travel to Italy to attend the InterHarmony Music Festival.