Fourteen Auspicious Dreams of Mother Trishala

Pravin K. Shah,
Jain Study Center of North Carolina

Queen Trishala, mother of Lord Mahavir saw at mid night fourteen beautiful and auspicious dreams after conception. They were:

  1. Elephant
  2. Bull
  3. Lion
  4. Goddess Laxmi
  5. Garland of Flowers
  6. Full Moon
  7. Sun
  8. Large Flag
  9. Silver Urn
  10. Lotus-Lake
  11. Milky-Sea
  12. Celestial Air-plane
  13. Heap of Gems
  14. Smokeless Fire

The first dream queen Trishala saw was an ELEPHANT. She saw a big, tall and impetuous elephant. It had two pairs of tusks. The color of the elephant was white and its whiteness was superior to the color of marble. It was an auspicious elephant and was endowed with all the desirable marks of excellence.

This dream indicates that her son will guide the spiritual chariot and save human beings from misery, greed and attraction of life.

The second dream queen Trishala saw was a BULL. The color of the bull was also white, but it was brighter than white lotus. It glowed with beauty and radiated a light all around. It had noble, grand and majestic hump. It had fine, bright, and soft hair on his body. Its horns were superb, and sharply pointed.

This dream indicates that her son will become a spiritual teacher of great sages, kings and other great personalities.

The third dream queen Trishala saw was a magnificent LION. Its claws were beautiful and well poised. The lion had a large well-rounded head and extremely sharp-edged teeth. Its lips were perfect, its color was red, and its eyes were sharp and glowing. Its tail was impressively long and well shaped. Queen Trishala saw this lion descending towards her and entering her mouth.

This dream indicates that her son will be as powerful and strong as lion. He will be fearless, almighty, and capable of ruling the entire world.

The fourth dream queen Trishala saw was a GODDESS LAXMI, the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and power. She was seated at top of mountain Himalaya. Her feet had sheen of golden turtle. She had delicate and soft fingers. Her black hairs were tiny, soft and delicate. She wore rows of pearls interlaced with emerald and a garland of gold. A pair of earring hung over her shoulders with dazzling beauty. She held a pair of bright lotuses.

This dream indicates that her son will attain the great wealth, power and prosperity of this world.

The fifth dream queen Trishala saw a celestial GARLAND OF FLOWERS descending from the sky. It smelled mixed fragrance of different flowers. The whole universe was filled with fragrance. The flowers were white and woven into the garland. They bloom during all different seasons. Swarms of bumblebees flocked to it and they made humming sound around the region.

This dream indicates that the fragrance of her son's teaching will spread over the entire universe.

The sixth dream queen Trishala saw a FULL MOON. It presented an auspicious sight. The moon was at its full glory. It awoke the lilies to bloom fully. It was bright like a well-polished mirror. The moon radiated whiteness like a swan. It inspired the oceans to surge skyward. The beautiful moon look like a radiant beauty mark in the sky.

This dream indicates that her son will have a great physical structure and be pleasing to all living beings of the universe.

The seventh dream queen Trishala saw a HUGE DISC OF SUN. The Sun was shining and destroying darkness. It was red like the flame of the forest. Lotuses bloomed at its touch. The Sun is the lamp of the sky and the lord of planets. The sun rose and put to end the evil activities of the creatures that thrive at night.

This dream indicates that teaching of her son will to destroy anger, greed, ego, lust, and pride from the life of the people.

The eighth dream queen Trishala saw a very LARGE FLAG flying on a golden stick. The flag fluttered softly and auspiciously in the gentle breeze. It was attracting the eyes of all. Peacock feathers decorated its crown. A radiant shining-white lion was on it.

This dream indicates that her son will be great, noble and well respected leader of the family.

The ninth dream queen Trishala saw a SILVER URN (Kalash) with full of crystal-clear water. It was a magnificent, beautiful and bright pot. It shone like gold and was a joy to behold. It was garlanded with strings of lotuses and other flowers. The pot was holy and untouched by anything sinful.

This dream indicates that her son will be perfect with all virtues.

The tenth dream queen Trishala saw a LOTUS-LAKE (Padma-Sagar). The thousands of lotuses were floating on the lake, which opened at the touch of the Sun's rays. The lotuses imparted a sweet fragrance. There were swarms of fishes in the lake. Its water glowed like flame. The lily-leaves were floating on the water

This dream indicates that her son will help to liberate the human beings that are tangled in the cycle of birth, death and misery.

The eleventh dream queen Trishala saw a MILKY-SEA. Its water swell out in all directions, rising to great heights with turbulent motion. Winds blew and created waves. A great commotion was created in the sea by huge sea animals. Great rivers fell into the sea, producing huge whirlpools.

This dream indicates that her son will navigate through Life Ocean of birth, death and misery leading to Moksha or Liberation.

In her twelfth dream, queen Trishala saw a CELESTIAL AIRPLANE. The airplane had eight thousands magnificent gold pillars studded with gems. The plane was framed with sheets of gold and garlands of pearls. It was decorated with rows of murals depicting bulls, horses, men, crocodiles, birds, children, deer, elephants, wild animals and lotus flowers. The plane resounded with celestial music. It was saturated with intoxicating aroma of incense fumes. It was illuminated with bright silvery light.

This dream indicates that all gods and goddesses in heaven will respect and salute to his spiritual teaching and will obey him.

In her thirteenth dream queen Trishala saw a great heap of GEMS, as high as Mount MERU. There were gems and precious stones of all types and kinds. These gems were heaped over the earth and they illuminated the entire sky.

This dream indicates that her son will have infinite virtues and wisdom.

In her fourteenth dream queen Trishala saw a SMOKE LESS FIRE. The fire burned with great intensity and emitted a radiant glow. Great quantities of pure Ghee and honey were being poured on the fire. It burned with numerous flames.

This dream indicates that the wisdom of her son will excel the wisdom of all other great people.

After having fourteen such wonderful dreams, queen Trishala woke up. Her dreams filled her with wonder. She never had such dreams before. She narrated her dreams to king Siddharth.

The king called the soothsayers for the interpretation of dreams and they unanimously said, "Sir, Her Highness will be blessed with a noble son. The dream augurs the vast spiritual realm, the child shall command. Her Highness will become the Universal Mother."

After nine months and fourteen days, Queen Trishala delivered a baby boy. The boy was named Vardhaman meaning ever increasing.

Immediately after the birth of prince Vardhaman, Indra, the King of heaven, arrived with other gods and goddesses. He hypnotized the whole city including mother Trishala and King Siddharth.

He took the baby Vardhaman to mount Meru and bathed him. He proclaimed peace and harmony by reciting BRUHAT SHANTI during the first bathing ceremony of newborn Tirthankara.

After renunciation and realization of Absolute Self-Knowledge, Prince Vardhaman became Lord Mahavir, the twenty fourth and the last Tirthankara of Jain religion.