Graduate Student Conference at Harvard University, October 26-28, 2006
Opening Reception

This conference brings together scholars in the field of American history who see capitalism as an important category of analysis and a topic for inquiry in its own right. Professor Richard White of Stanford University will deliver the keynote address. Five panels of graduate students and leading scholars will present exciting new research and discuss central themes such as business and politics, property relations, legal regimes, capital and entrepreneurship, and ideological challenges to capitalism. With this conference, we aim to help revitalize the study of capitalism by historically-minded scholars, reflect on the present state of this subfield and its place within American history, and delineate directions for future research.

This conference is made possible by the David S. Howe Fund for the Study of Economic and Business History, with additional support from Baker Library, the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, the Committee on Ethnic Studies, the Graduate Program in the History of American Civilization, and the Harvard History Department.


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History of Capitalism in North America
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