SeanSean Dorrance Kelly, Professor of Philosophy,Principal Investigator

JoeJoe Paxton, Experiment Designer, Graduate Student in Psychology

I was a philosophy undergrad and am currently working in Josh Greene's lab in the Psychology Department. I am interested in moral psychology and philosophically-relevant empirical research more broadly.


EricaErica Boothby, Research Assistant

I was a philosophy undergrad and am interested in the interdisciplinary work being done between philosophy and the empirical sciences, especially psychology and neuroscience. I am particularly interested in the role of emotions and unconscious processes guiding perception.

Céline LeBoeuf, Graduate Student in Philosophy

AdamAdam Lesnikowski, Undergraduate in Philosophy

I am interested primarily in Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Ancient Philosophy, and Phenomenology.

CalebCaleb Liang, Visiting Scholar, Yenching Institute

I am visiting from National Taiwan University. My research interests are consciousness and perception, with a special focus on object recognition.

ErikErik Rietveld, PostDoc in Philosophy

I am interested in phenomenologically oriented philosophy of mind, later Wittgenstein, Merleau-Ponty, cognitive neuroscience, emotion psychology, and ecological psychology. The aim of my research project is to develop a better understanding of unreflective action in everyday life. Issues I work on are situated normativity, motor intentionality and responsiveness to relevant affordances, including social affordances. An article of mine that touches upon several of these issues is ''Situated Normativity: The Normative Aspect of Embodied Cognition in Unreflective Action" (Rietveld, 2008, Mind, 117, pp. 973-1001).

XiaoliXaioli Liu, Visiting Scholar, Philosophy

I am a Professor of Philosophy at Renmin University in China. My research is in Logic and Philosophy of Science. Currently I am interested in Embodied Cognition, particularly perception, cognition, and content.

krantiKranti Saran, Graduate Student in Philosophy

Wendy Salkin, Graduate Student in Philosophy


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