Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions

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William R. Fitzsimmons
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard College
Director, Harvard Summer Institute

Dear Colleagues,

Year after year, the Summer Institute has been able to attract an impressive and diverse group of participants. Each year, nearly 200 admissions and counseling professionals representing every region of the United States and dozens of foreign countries bring new energy and ideas to the discussions, raising the bar for all of us as we work to guide our students.

The 2017 Summer Institute will bring participants together to address the greatest challenges confronting those of us dedicated to helping students as they transition from high school to college. We hope the more than 40 sessions will provide insights into current and future trends in admissions and offer the best thinking on effective ways to assist students in making the right sets of choices about their lives.

As always, we rely on the caliber and experience of the Institute’s exemplary faculty to inspire creative discussions. With their detailed knowledge of the admissions process, the faculty will give participants the tools they need and the inspiration they require to excel at their chosen professions.

Our jobs are difficult and challenging, but the rewards are great. Please join us this year as we work together to find the best ways to help students reach their goals.

William Fitzsimmons
William R. Fitzsimmons

“This is by far the best conference
I have attended.”

— Institute participant