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I.B.1. Scholarship in the People's Republic of China

For a comparative assessment of three periods in the development of Chinese Sung historical studies between 1950 and 1990, see:

Loc:DS735 .H737 China
"Hai-hsia liang-an Sung-shih yen-chiu tung-hsiang"
Huang K'uan-ch'ung 黃寬重
Hsin shih-hsueh 新史學 3.1 (1992): 131-160.
"Trends in Historical Research in Taiwan and Mainland China."
Huang K'uan-ch'ung. Trans. David C. Wright.
Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies 25(1995): 266-302.

For a useful introduction to PRC historical scholarship in 1980-1990 by a leading Chinese social historian, see:

J2451/5657 "Chung-kuo ta-lu chin-shih-nien lai te Sung-shih yen-chiu"
(Sung historical studies in the mainland during the past decade).
Chang Pang-wei 張邦煒
Chūgoku shigaku 中國史學 /Studies in Chinese History 1 (1991): 103-124,

and, for approximately the same period,

(W) DS751.S83
LoC: DS751 .S83
"A Brief Survey of Song Studies in Chinese over the Past 10 Years."
Yang Weisheng. Trans. Lee-fang Ch'ien.
Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies 20 (1988): 1-17.

There are annual reviews of scholarship in

Ref (C) B31 .C4 Latest
LoC: B31 .C4 China
Chung-kuo che-hsueh nien-chien
(Annual review of Chinese philosophy).
Shanghai: Chung-kuo ta pai-k'o ch'üan-shu ch'u-pan she.
LoC: DS701 .S44
Chung-kuo li-shih-hsueh nien-chien
(Annual review of the study of Chinese history).
Peking: Jen-min ch'u-pan she.
LoC: PL2250 .C5634 China
Chung-kuo ku-tien wen-hsueh yen-chiu nien-chien
(Annual review of studies of classical Chinese literature).
Shanghai: Shang-hai ku-chi ch'u-pan she.

Since 1986 an annual review of historical studies has appeared. The sections on Sung history and their authors are noted here.

(C) DS734.7.C63
LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu tung-t'ai
(Trends in Chinese historical studies).
1993.7: 6-12 Hsing T'ieh 邢鐵
1992.12: 1-7 Chang T'ung 張彤
1991.8: 1-7 Chang T'ung 張彤
1990.5: 1-7 Wang Sheng-to 王聖鐸
1989.5: 1-6 Wang Sheng-to 王聖鐸
1988.10: 1-6 Chang Hsiu-p'ing 張秀平
1987.7: 1-8 Chang Hsiu-p'ing 張秀平
1986.10:12-18 Chang Hsiu-p'ing 張秀平

Since 1982 the national meeting of the Sung Studies Association in the PRC has published a conference volume with the title:

LoC: DS751 .S82 China
Sung-shih yen-chiu lun-wen chi
(Collected research articles on Sung history)
Volume 1 (1980 meeting) Shanghai: Shang-hai ku-chi, 1982.
Volume 2 (1982 meeting) Cheng-chou: Ho-nan jen-min ch'u-pan she, 1984.
Volume 3 (1984 meeting) Hang-chou: Che-chiang jen-min ch'u-pan she.
Volume 4 (1987 meeting) Shih-chia-chuang: Ho-pei chiao-yü ch'u-pan she, 1989.
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