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I.B.2. Scholarship in the Republic of China and Hong Kong

For a review of post-1949 scholarship in Taiwan and Hong Kong, see:

Ref (C)DS735.C543 1990x v.3 Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu chih-nan 3: Sung-shih Liao Chin Yuan shih
中國史研究指南, 3:宋史遼金元史
(Guide to the study of Chinese history 3: Sung history and Liao, Chin, and Yuan history).
Kao Ming-shih 高明士 ed.
Taipei: Lien-ching ch'u-pan-she, 1990. 302p.
Liang Keng-yao 梁庚堯 on political, social, and economic history in Taiwan, pp. 3-48.
Wu Chan-liang 吳展良 on intellectual and literary history in Taiwan, pp. 49-104.
Li Hung-ch'i 李弘祺on Sung history in Hong Kong, pp. 105-112.

Also note the following comparative assessment of three periods of mainland and Taiwan historical studies, 1949-1990:

Loc: DS735 .H737 China
"Hai-hsia liang-an Sung-shih yen-chiu tung-hsiang"
Huang K'uan-ch'ung 黃寬重
Hsin shih-hsueh 新史學 3.1 (1992): 131-160.
"Trends in Historical Research in Taiwan and Mainland China."
Huang K'uan-ch'ung. Trans. David C. Wright.
Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies 25 (1995): 265-302.

Although a periodic review devoted to Sung studies has yet to be established for scholarship in Taiwan and Hong Kong, bibliographies of recent work regularly appear in the Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies. State-of-the-field news and bibliographies, covering Sung studies and other fields, will also be found in

(C) DS734.97.T28 H35
for the latest
LoC: DS734.97.T28 H35
Han-hsueh yen-chiu t'ung-hsun
(Bulletin of sinological studies).
Vol. 1.1 - (1982- ).
Taipei: Han-hsueh yen-chiu tzu-liao chi fu-wu chung-hsin.

The Sung History Study Society publishes annually a volume reprinting important recent articles; occasionally the articles have been expanded or revised. This series appears under the title:

2665/3513 Sung‑shih yen‑chiu chi
(Collected studies of Sung history).
Vol. 1 (1958) -
Taipei: various publishers.

Vol. 11 contains an index to article titles for vols. 6-10 and an index to authors for vols. 1‑10.

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