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I.B.3. Scholarship in Japan

For a review of major achievements and topics in Japanese Sung studies in the postwar period, see:

(W) DS12.A45
LoC: DS12 .A45
"Trends in Postwar Japanese Studies on Sung History: A Bibliographic Introduction"
Hasegawa Yoshio.
Acta Asiatica 50 (1986): 95-120.

Also valuable as a bibliographic survey of Japanese Sung studies is

  "Jih-pen Sung-tai-shih yen-chiu chih kai-k'uang"
(Survey of Sung historical studies in Japan).
Kida Tomoo 本田知生
Jih-pen hsueh-che yen-chiu Chung-kuo-shih lun-chu hsuan-i 日本學者研究中國史論著選Vol 1.
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, forthcoming.

Of particular interest for its account of the history of Japanese Sung studies and the emergence of intellectual divisions among Japanese historians with regard to the Naitō hypothesis and the study of economic and social history, is:

J2451/5657 "Nihon ni okeru Sōdaishi kenkyū no kichō"
(The nature of Song historical studies in Japan).
Teraji Jun 寺地遵
Chūgoku shigaku 中國史學 Studies in Chinese History 1(1991):191-210.

An earlier version of this article includes a useful bibliography:

J2401/0247 "Nihon ni keru Sōdaishi kenkyū"
日本における宋代史研究 (1915-1989)
(Sung historical studies in Japan)
Teraji Jun寺地遵
Hiroshima daigaku Tōshi kenkyūshitsu hōkoku 廣島大學東洋史研究室報告11 (1989): 24-42.

Note also the entries under I.C. below.

For a more general survey of the state of Japanese studies on the Five Dynasties, Sung, and Yuan, see:

2665/5635 "Jih-pen te Wu-tai, Sung, Yuan shih yen-chiu chin-k'uang"
(The current state of Japanese studies of the Five Dynasties, Sung, and Yuan).
Kondō Kazunari 近藤一成 Trans. Wang Jui-lai 王端來
Sung-shih yen-chiu t'ung-hsun4 (1985): 17-22.

Of great value is the annual review of the previous year's historical scholarship on Five Dynasties, Sung, and Yuan in Japan, usually appearing in Number 5 of each volume of:

LoC: D1 .S4338 Japan
Shigaku zasshi
(Journal of historical studies).

The Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies has published translations of these retrospects, begining with the 1987 survey.

LoC: DS751 .S83
1987: Kida Tomoo 木田知生 Trans. Anthony DeBlasi. Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies 21 (1989): 188-215.
1988: Honda Osamu 本田治 Trans. Kenneth Chase. Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies 22 (1990-1992): 165-186.
1989: Ōshima Ritsuko 大島立子 Trans. Paulo Frank. Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies 23 (1993): 173-200.
1990: Kumamoto Takashi 熊本崇 Trans. Rob Foster. Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies 25 (1995): 241-263.

For additional reviews of Japanese scholarship see I.B.5, Scholarship in Particular Fields.

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