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Invaluable for its detailed abstracts of selected books and articles published before 1961 is
J2662/3551.1 Sōdai kenkyū bunken teiyō"
(Abstracts of scholarly contributions on the Sung period).
Sōshi teiyō hensan kyōryoku iinkai
宋史提要編纂協力委員會 cmp.
Tokyo: Tōyō bunko, 1961. 842 and 11 p.

Classified. Books and articles are treated separately. There is an author index.
Between 1957 and 1970, three unannotated but classified bibliographies were published covering Japanese scholarship from the Meiji period (1868-1912) to 1970:
(J) DS751.S632 1957x Sōdai kenkyū bunken mokuroku
(Catalogue of scholarly contributions on the Sung period).
Sōshi teiyō hensan kyōryoku iinkai
宋史提要編纂協力委員會 cmp.
Tokyo: Tōyō bunko, 1957, 1959, 1970. 240 p.

Note the following selective, classified bibliography of Japanese studies of Sung cultural history for 1900-1990:
  "Sung-tai wen-hua-shih chu-shu fen-lei hsuan-mu, Jih-wen-pan"
(Classified selected Japanese bibliography on Sung cultural history).
T'ang Chien-kuo 湯建國comp.
Sung-shih yen-chiu t'ung-hsun 宋史研究通迅 19 (1990): 48-53.

Japanese bibliography can be updated with the annual selective, classified bibliography --
(W) DS5.Z99 B66x
LoC: Z3001 .B58 Japan
Books and Articles on Oriental Subjects Published in Japan in 1956 (and annually thereafter)
Tokyo: Tōhō gakkai,

-- which includes English translations of the titles and romanizations of the authors' names, as well as the annual selective, classified bibliography:
Ref (J) DS5.T69x Tōyōgaku bunken ruimoku
(Classified bibliography of Oriental studies).
Kyoto: Jimbun kagaku kenkyūjo, 1935- .

This indexed bibliography includes Chinese, Korean, and Western-language (including Russian) publications. It also includes book reviews.
See also surveys and introductions to the the field by Hasegawa (I.B.3), Chikusa, Yamagida and Ihara (I.C), as well as the various items in Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu chih-nan 中國史研究指南 (I.B.2).
There is also an annual bibliography of scholarship on literature from the Sung period:
LoC: PL2250 .C5612 Japan
"Saikin kokunai bunken mokuroku: Sōdai bungaku"
(Bibliography of recent Japanese writings: Sung-period literature).
Chūgoku bungaku hō

Bibliographies of Japanese scholarship appear regularly in Sung Studies Newsletter/Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies/Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies/ Journal of Sung Yuan Studies
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