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In addition to the classified bibliographies listed above by language, there are several specialized bibliographies which include Sung studies. The following lists works under the categories of politics, society, institutions, economy, and thought; it covers Chinese and Japanese scholarship, 1903-1970; there is an author index:

II.D.1. General

J2518/5150(1) Chūgoku seiji shisō to shakai seisaku kenkyū bunken mokuroku I (Godai Sō)
中國政治思想と社會政策研究文獻目錄 1 五代史
(Bibliography of research on Chinese political thought and social policy, I: Five Dynasties and Sung).
Higashi Ichio 東一夫 and Yoshida Tora 吉田寅 ed.
Tokyo: Chūgoku seiji shisō to shakai seisaku kenkyūkai, 1971. 105 p.

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