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II.D.2. Bibliography

For selected Chinese and Japanese studies of the dynastic histories, the Sung History and the dynastic histories written in Sung, see:
LoC: Z3106 .K664 1977 (Orien Japan)
Chūgoku seishi kenkyū bunken mokuroku
(Bibliography of studies on Chinese dynastic histories).
Kokusho kankōkai 國書刊行會 comp.
Tokyo: Kokusho kankōkai, 1977, pp. 128-141.

For scholarship on the T'ang-Sung transition, see:

LoC: DS735 .K325 1989
vol. 3 Korea
"Tang-Song pyðnhyðkgi non"
(Theories about the T'ang-Sung transition).
Sin Sðng-gon 辛聖坤
in Kangjwa Chungguksa III: Sadaebu sahoe wa Monggo cheguk 講座中國史 III:士大夫社會-蒙古帝國,pp. 7-70.

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