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II.D.6. Social and economic history

For Chinese scholarship on the history of water utilization but not exlusive to the Sung, see:
LoC: Z7935 .J37 1994
"Chūgoku suirishi kenyū no bunken shōkai"
(Introduction to studies of the history of water utilization).
Fujita Katsuhisa 藤田勝久, Ono Yasushi 小野泰,and Matsuda Yoshirō松田吉郎
Chūgoku suirishi kenkyū 中國水利史研究 17 (1987): 51-66.

For Chinese and Japanese studies of the history of the salt industry, see the following classified bibliography, which includes separate indexes to Chinese and Japanese authors.

J8532/4630.1 Chūgoku engyōshi kenkyū bunken mokuroku
中國鹽業史研究文獻目錄 (1926-1988)
(Bibliography of studies of the Chinese salt industry, 1926-1988).
Yoshida Tora 吉田寅 ed.
Tokyo: Risshō daigaku Tōyōshigaku kenkyūshitsu 立正大學東洋史學研究室1989. 100p.

For studies on the social-economic history of the Sung, see:
LoC: DS735 .K325 1989
vol. 3 Korea
"Songdae ûi Sahoe wa kyðngje"
(Society and economy of the Sung)
Yi Pðm hak 李範鶴
in Kangjwa Chungguksa III: Sadaebu sahoe wa Monggo cheguk 講座中國史III:士大夫社會-蒙古帝國,pp. 127-192.

For protest movements, the following includes bibliographies of works in Western and in Asian languages, arranged by author. There is a subject index.
Ref HS310.T46 1981x Protest and Crime in China: A Bibliography of Secret Associations, Popular Uprisings, Peasant Rebellions.
Ssu-yü Teng.
New York: Garland, 1981. 455 p.

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