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II.D.8. Literature

There is also an annual bibliography of Japanese scholarship on Sung-period literature:
LoC: PL2250 .C5612 Japan
"Saikin kokunai bunken mokuroku: Sōdai bungaku"
(Bibliography of recent Japanese writings: Sung-period literature).
Chūgoku bungaku hō中國文學報

For both traditional and modern scholarship on the tz'u lyric, see:
(W) Ref PL2311.G56 1975x A Bibliography of Criticism on T'ang and Sung Tz'u Poetry.
Stanley M. Ginsberg
Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1975. 158 p.
(W) Ref PL2307.Z99 L96 1984
LoC: Z3108.L5 L85 1984x
Guide to Chinese Poetry and Drama.
Guide to Chinese Poetry and Drama.
Richard John Lynn.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1984. 200 p.
Ref (W) PL2415.436 1978x
Classical Chinese Fiction.
Winston L. Y. Yang et al.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1978. 302p.

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