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III.B.1.a. Literary Collections

The most complete catalogue of extant editions of individual collections (wen-chi文集) is:
Ref (C) PL2503.H74 1990x Hsien-ts'un Sung-jen pieh-chi pan-pen mu-lu
(Catalogue of extant Sung literary collections of individual authors).
Shen Chih-hung 沈治宏 ed.
Ch'eng-tu: Pa-Shu shu-she 巴蜀書社 1990. 430p.

This covers the holdings of 250 PRC libraries, 32 Japanese libraries, the Library of Congress and 521 ts'ung-shu 叢書. It includes collections of 739 Sung authors (of which 107 are collections of tz'u lyrics). Arranged chronologically by author. There are four-corner indexes to the ts'ung-shu, libraries and their locations, and authors.
For all pre-modern editions of the collected works of 528 individuals in Japanese library holdings, see:
Ref (J) Z3108.L5 Y64 Nihon genson Sōjin bunshū mokuroku
(Catalogue of Sung-dynasty literary collections preserved in Japan).
Yoshida Tora 吉田寅 and Tanada Naohiko 棚田直彥 comp.
Vol. 8 of

Sōdai shakai keizaishi kenkyū hojo shiryō
Tokyo, 1959; revised 1972. 150 p.

Arranged by author, with author and title indexes according to Japanese pronunciation. Includes number of chüan, names of editors, date of the edition, and the library collections in which the work is held.
For a listing of 350 Sung literary collections used in compiling the Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin (Index to biographical materials on Sung figures) in roughly chronological order, see:
Ref (C)DS751.5.S784 1974
LoC: DS751.5 .S97 (Orien China)
Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin
(Index to biographical materials on Sung figures).
Ch'ang Pi-te 昌彼得 et al.
Vol. 1.
Taipei: Ting-wen, 1974, pp. 1-15.

The following is a study of anthologies compiled in Sung known to be extant.
LoC: LH7 .T338a "Chin‑ts'un Sung‑tai tsung‑chi k'ao"
(Extant Sung-period anthologies).
Wang Jui‑sheng 王瑞生.
T'ai-nan shih‑chuan hsueh‑pao台南師專學報 9 (1976): 49‑88.

The following gives the titles, locations, and brief abstracts of documents pertaining to economic history found in 112 Sung wen-chi. There is a detailed analytic index.
(W)HC427.6.H37 G8 1964x
LoC: Z7165.C6 H3
A Guide to Sources of Chinese Economic History, A.D.618‑1368.
Robert Hartwell, ed.
Chicago: University of Chicago, 1964. 257 p.

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