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III.B.1.e. Historical Writings

For a study of works listed in the division of history in the "Treatise on Bibliography" in the Sung History lost or existing only in fragmentary form, see:
LoC: Z3101.T6 L58 (Orien China)
Sung shih i-wen-chih shih-pu i-chi k'ao
(A study of lost texts in the historical section of the Treatise on bibliography in the Sung history).
Liu Chao-yu 劉兆祐
Taipei: Kuo-li pien-i kuan Chung-hua ts'ung-shu pien-shen wei-yuan-hui, 1984. 3 Volumes.

Originally published in parts in various journals, this cites references to the text in earlier bibliographies and gives a brief biography of the author. A chart gives the status of all historical works in the treatise. There is an author/title index by stroke-count.
Liu Chao-yu has also written a series of articles on Sung-period chronological histories.
9802/82 "Sung-tai pien-nien-lei shih-chi k'ao ch'u-pien"
(Preliminary study of Sung-period chronological histories, part I).
Chung-yang t'u-shu-kuan kuan-k'an 中央圖書館館刊 24.1 (1991): 113-139.
9802/82 "Hsu-k'ao Sung-tai pien-nien-lei shih-chi erh-shih-i chung"
(Study of 21 Sung-period chronological histories, part II).
Chung-yang t'u-shu-kuan kuan-k'an 中央圖書館館刊 25.1 (1992):73-98.
9802/82 "Sung-shih i-wen-chih wei-shou Sung-tai pien-nien-lei shih-chi shih-chiu chung k'ao-lu"
(Study of 19 chronological histories not included in the Treatise on bibliography).
Chung-yang t'u-shu-kuan kuan-k'an 中央圖書館館刊 26.2 (1993):181-195.

Various articles will reappear in Liu's forthcoming study
  Sung-tai shih-chi k'ao
(A study of Sung historical writings).

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