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III.B.2. Painting and Ceramics

For an index to Sung and Yuan paintings, see:
Ref (W) ND1043.3.C3
LoC: ND1043.3 .C3
An Index of Early Chinese Painters and Paintings: T'ang, Sung, Yuan .
James Cahill, with Osvald Sirén and Ellen Johnston Laing.
Berkeley: University of California Press, 1980. 391 p.

For 18 texts related to Sung painting see:
Ref (W) ND1040.L68 1973x
LoC: Z5949.C5 L67
An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Painting Catalogues and Related Texts.
Hin-cheung Lovell
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies. (Michigan Papers in Chinese Studies #16), 1973. 141 p.

For a listing of 1126 Sung ceramics in the collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei, see:
LoC: NK4565.4 .K86 1971
Sung Yuan tz'u-ch'i t'e-chan mu-lu.
(Catalogue of a special exhibit of Sung and Yuan ceramics).
Taipei: Kuo-li ku-kung po-wu yuan, 1971. 113 and 47 p.

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