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The following is described by the Harvard-Yenching Library as "An index to descriptive notices of Chinese rare editions, appearing in 102 public and private library catalogs, collections of colophons and reading notes, and other bibliographical sources, which appeared from the Sung dynasty to the 1960s. The main body of the work comprises four-corner indices to the titles and authors of the rare books described. Stroke-count and pinyin indices to first characters are added for convenience. At the front of the volume is a list of the 102 sources (9 of them Japanese) with full bibliographical information. A useful and time-saving reference tool."
Ref (C) Z3101.L745 1991 Ku-chi pan-pen t'i-chi so-yin
(Index to descriptive notes of ancient editions).
Lo Wei-kuo 羅偉國 and Hu P'ing 胡平
Shanghai: Shang-hai shu-tien, 1991. 941pp.

Nagasawa Kikuya's extensive studies of nearly all Sung-Yuan editions are collected in
LoC: Z3301 .N32 1982 Japan
Sō Genpan no kenkyū
(Studies on Sung and Yuan editions).
Nagasawa Kikuya 長澤規矩也
In Nagasawa Kikuyachosaku shü
長澤規矩也著作集 vol. 3.
Tokyo: Kyūko shobō 汲古書屋, 1983. 526 p.

This includes exhibit catalogues (pp. 9-35, 93-124), a study of commercial publishing (36-89), lists of library holdings (219-270), names of block carvers (128-196), etc.
Okazaki Yasushi has written on Sung-Yuan editions of the dynastic histories and the Tzu-chih t'ung-chien.
LoC: DS750.62 .O95 1989 Japan
Seishi SōGenpan no kenkyū
(Studies on Sung-Yuan editions of the dynastic histories).
Okazaki Yasushi 尾崎康
Tokyo: Kyūko shoin, 1989.
LoC: PL700 .K45 (Orien Japan)
"Sō Gen kan Shiji tsugan ni tsuite"
(On the Sung and Yuan editions of Tzu-chih t'ung-chien).
Okazaki Yasushi 尾崎康
Shidōbunko ronshū 斯道文庫論集 23(1989):171-224.

For 253 Sung and Yuan editions in the Seikado Library, see:
  Seikadō bunko Sō-Gen hanto roku
(Catalogue of Sung and Yuan editions in the Seikado library).
Tokyo: Kyūko shoin, 1992.

For 36 Sung-Yuan editions of Buddhist sutras at Ryūkoku University, see:
J3305/6664 "Ryūkoku daigaku Ōmiya toshokan shozō no Sō Genpan Butten ni tsuite"
(On the Sung-Yuan editions of Buddhist sutras in the Ōmiya library at Ryūkoku university).
Kitamura Takashi 北村高
In Hino Akira hakushi kanreki kinen ronbunshūrekishi to denshō
Hino Akira hakushi kanreki kinenkai comp.
Kyoto: Nagada Fumimasadō 1988, pp. 785-811.

Under each item, the author gives the available information concerning its title, cover, carvers' names, date, etc.
For a listing of 370 Sung and Yuan editions and the names of printing-block carvers, see
9432/1130 Ku-chi Sung Yuan k'an-kung hsing-ming so-yin
(Index to the names of carvers of Sung and Yuan editions).
Wang Chao-wen 王肇文 comp.
Shanghai: Shang-hai ku-chi, 1990. 406 p.

Carvers' names are arranged in four-corner sequence and include references to the 370 texts used. There is a separate section describing these texts, arranged according to the traditional four divisions of bibliography.
Recall also the appropriate section of Nagasawa Kikuya's book
noted above. This appeared originally as
J9401/5070 "Sō kanpon kokukō meihyō"
(Table of carvers' names in Sung editions).
Nagasawa Kikuya 長澤規矩也
Shojigaku 書志學 20 (1971, 11): 35-62; 33, 34 (1984, 5): 36-55.

This includes 187 Sung editions. Carvers' names are listed for each book..
Note too
J9401/5070 "Tenri toshokan zō Sō kanpon kokukō meihyō"
(Table of carvers' names in Sung editions in the Tenri library).
Kaneko Kazumasa 金子和正
Shojigaku 書志學 18 (1971, 2): 36-47,

which includes the carvers' names for 21 Sung editions. Names are ordered by stroke count.
W9270/82.2 "Southern Song Printing at Hangzhou."
Sören Edgren.
Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities 61 (1989): 1-212,

includes "A Bibliography of Southern Song Imprints from Hangzhou and Vicinity" (pp. 82-112), "A Bibliography of Southern Song Imprints from Liangzhe and Related Areas" (pp. 113-27), an index to these two bibliographies (pp. 113-34), and a list of blockcarvers' names (pp. 135-68).
Rubbings of 1300 Sung inscriptions are reproduced in:
(C) PL2448.P45 1989 Pei-ching t'u-shu-kuan ts'ang Chung-kuo li-tai shih-k'o t'o-pen hui-pien
(Collection of Chinese stone rubbings, by dynasty, in the Peking library).
Cheng-chou: Chung-chou ku-chi ch'u-pan-she,1991. 100 volumes.

This collection of Chinese stone rubbings from 475 B.C. to A.D. 1949 has 8 volumes for the Sung period. The volumes are ordered chronologically. A separate index volume includes a place index and a stroke-count title index.
For inscriptions appearing in Wang Hsiang-chih's cultural geography of Southern Sung, see the index appended to:
LoC: DS706.5 .W28 1971 (Orien China)
Yü-ti chi-sheng
(Records of famous places).
Wang Hsiang-chih 王象之(chin-shih 1195) comp.
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1992. 8 volumes.

Note the following guide to the major collection of inscription collections:
(W) PL2448.K79 1991
LoC: PL2448 .K79 1991
Annotated Bibliography to the Shike shiliao xinbian.
Dieter Kuhn and Helga Stahl comp.
Heidelberg: Edition Forum, 1991. 283p

Of particular value, in addition to the usual bibliographic information, are indications of the dates of the author or compiler, the time period covered by the work, and the geographical region covered by the work. There is an alphabetical index to authors and compilers. And there is a list of persons whose epitaphs have been completely transcribed.
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