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IV.B.3. Other Chronologies

For intellectual culture, see:
LoC: B126 .M33 (Orien China)
Sung Yuan li‑hsueh‑chia chu‑shu sheng‑tsu nien‑piao
Ref (C) B127.N4 M34 宋元理學家著書生卒年表
1968x (Chronology of the writings and dates of birth and death of Sung and Yuan Neo‑Confucians).
Mai Chung‑kuei 麥仲貴
Hong Kong: Chinese University, 1968. 443, 20 p.

In addition to Neo-Confucians, this work notes important literary figures, classicists, historians, and so on, as well as events in intellectual and cultural history. Also for Sung Confucianism, or "Sung Learning," note the three sets of time-lines for important figures during Northern Sung, Southern Sung, and Chu Hsi's lifetime appended to:
BJ1042/8531 Sōgaku kenkyū bunken mokuroku
(Bibliography of research on Sung Confucianism).
Imai Usaburō今井宇三郎
Tokyo: Tōkyō kyōiku daigaku Kanbungaku kenkyūshitsu, 1959. 25 p.

For chronologies centered on shih and tz'u poetry respectively, see:
5214.5/7255 Sung shih chien-shang tz'u-tien
(Guide to Sung shih poetry).
Shanghai: Shang-hai tz'u-shu ch'u-pan-she, 1987, pp. 1487-1532.
5577/4089 Sung tz'u chien-shang tz'u-tien
(Guide to Sung tz'u poetry).
Ho Hsin-hui 賀新輝 ed.
Peking: Pei-ching Yen-shan ch'u-pan-she, 1987, pp. 1211-1255.

For foreign relations, see:
LoC: DS740.4 .H297 1983 Tribute Missions to China, 960-1126.
Robert Hartwell.
Philadelphia: by the author, 1983. 215 p.

Organized by state; notes duration of mission, envoys, purpose, and sequence of events. The section on Japan was still in progress when the 1983 edition appeared.
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