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IX.A.4. Other Glossaries

For terms relating to tz'u poetry, see the glossary in:
Sung tz'u chien-shang tz'u-tien
(Guide to Sung tz'u poetry).
Ho Hsin-hui 賀新輝 ed.
Peking: Pei-ching Yen-shan ch'u-pan-she, 1987, pp. 1288-1297,

(C) PL2336.T4 1990
LoC: PL2336 .T4 1990 China
T'ang Sung tz'u pai-k'o ta-tz'u-tien
(Encyclopedia of T'ang and Sung tz'u poetry)
Wang Hung 王洪 et cl. comp.
Peking: Hsueh-yuan ch'u-pan-she, 1990. pp. 1-280.

For allusions used in Sung tz'u lyrics, see:
LoC: PL2343 .C49 1991 China
Ch'üan-Sung-tz'u tien-ku k'ao-shih tz'u-tien
(Dictionary of allusions used in the Ch'üan-Sung tz'u)
Chin Ch'i-hua 金啟華 general ed.
Ch'ang-chun: Chi-lin wen-shih ch'u-pan-she, 1991. 1178 p.

Ref (C) PL2341.T38 1994x
LoC: PL1497 .T3565 1994 China
T'ang Sung tz'u tien-ku ta-tz'u-tien.
(Great dictionary of allusions in T'ang and Sung tz'u lyrics)
Ko Ch'eng-min 葛成民, Hsieh Ya-fei 謝亞非, et al.
N.p: Kuang-hsi jen-min, 1994. 1500 p.

Each item gives origin (典源), expanation (釋義), and examples (用例). Items are arranged in stroke count order.
For Ch'an Buddhist terminology, see the previously cited:
Ref (J) BQ9259.Z45
LoC: BQ9259 .Z45
Zengaku daijiten.
(Great dictionary of Ch'an Buddhism)
Komazawa daigaku nai Zengaku daijiten hensanjo
駒澤大學內禪學大辭典編纂所 comp.
Tokyo: Daishūkan shoten, 1978. 3 vols.

For terms appearing in 30 T'ang and 80 Sung literati miscellanies, see:
T'ang Sung pi-chi yü-tz'u hui-shih
(Glossary of terms in T'ang and Sung miscellanies).
Wang Ying 王瑛
Peking: Chung-hua shu-tien, 1990. 257 p.

Items are ordered by pronunciation (p'in-yin romanization). There is a stroke-count index. The author defines each term, explains its grammatical function, and gives examples.
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