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IX.B.2. Glossaries, Encyclopedias and Manuals

Chao Sheng's 趙升 Ch'ao-yeh lei-yao, from the thirteenth century in 5 chüan, defines terms from many areas of official life. It is indexed by:

Ch'ao-yeh lei-yao yin-te
(Index to the Important affairs in state and society).
Stephen Yu.
San Francisco: Chinese Materials Center, 1974. 50 p.

Two Sung works covering a wide variety of topics of interest to officials and literati are listed below. These reprinted editions include full tables of contents with page numbers.
LoC: AE2 .K35 1970 (Orien China)
Shih-wu chi-yuan chi-lei
(On the origins of things and affairs, collected by category).
Kao Ch'eng 高承(fl. late 11th century)
1447; rpt. Taipei: Hsin-hsing, 1969. 10 ch.
LoC: DS705 .L48 (Orien China)
Ku-chin yuan-liu chih-lun
(Full accounts of origins, past and present).
Lin Chiung 林駉(fl. ca. 1215).
Ming ed. rpt. Taipei: Hsin-hsing, 1970. 2 vols. 30 ch.

Of value for administrative matters, particularly for clerical terminology, is the following Yuan-period work. This edition includes a stroke-count index.
LoC: PL1271 .H8163 1969 (Orien China)
Li-hsueh chih-nan
(Manual of clerical studies).
Hsu Yuan-jui 徐元瑞(fl. 1301).
Taipei: Ta-hua yin-shu-kuan, n.d. 133 p.

The following is a kind of thesaurus for letter writing. It lists elegant literary alternatives (with loci classici) for commonplace terms and phrases.
Shu-hsu chih-nan
(Guide to correspondence).
Jen Kuang 任廣 (fl. c.1102).
Ts'ung-shu chi-ch'eng 叢書集成 20 ch.

For philosphical terms in the Neo-Confucian school of Chu Hsi, as glossed by Chu's disciple Ch'en Ch'un 陳淳in his Pei-hsi tzu-i 北溪字義 with comments from later philosophical thinkers, see:
(W) B127.N4 C46813 1986
LoC: B127.N4 C46813 1986
Neo-Confucian Terms Explained
(The Pei-hsi tzu-i).
Ch'en Ch'un (1159-1223).
Translated, edited, and with an introduction by Wing-tsit Chan
New York: Columbia University Press, 1986. 277 p.
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