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Various Sung-period biographical collections, later sources with biographies of Sung figures, and various forms of biographical information found in Sung literary collections are indexed by the following work, the most comprehensive and detailed index to documents with biographical information. Entries include brief accounts of the individual's career and reputation.
LoC: DS751.5 .S97 (Orien China )
Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin
(Index to biographical materials on Sung figures).
Ch'ang Pi-te 昌彼得, Wang Te-i 王德毅, Ch'eng Yuan-min 程元敏, and Hou Chün-te 侯俊德 comp.
Taipei: Ting-wen, 1974-1976. 6 volumes.
McMullen #281.

Emendations to the Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin have also been published:
LoC: HN671.S534 Orien China
"Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin pu-cheng".
(Supplement to the Index of biographical materials on Sung figures).
P'an Po-ch'eng 潘柏澄
Shih-huo yueh-k'an食貨月刊 4.6 (1974): 254-263.

The Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin is arranged by stroke count. Volume 6 indexes the entire work according to tzu 字 names, hao 號 names, posthumous names, etc. It is particularly valuable for its references to the various "records," "prefaces," documents of appointment, and so on, in literary collections. However, neither letters nor poems, for example, are indexed.

Of great importance is the three-volume "Supplement" to the Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin, prepared in conjunction with the Ch'üan Sung wen project:

LoC: DS751 .L47 1994 China Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin pu-pien
(Supplement to the Index to biographical materials on Sung figures).
Li Kuo-ling 李國玲 comp.
Ch'eng-tu: Ssu-ch'uan ta-hsueh, 1994.
3 volumes.

This draws on material not included in the Taiwan index, including recently discovered tomb inscriptions and museum collections. There are more than 14,000 new name entries and supplements to over 6,000 established entries. The arrangement of the contents is similar to that in the Taiwan index. There is an index to secondary names.
The above works supersede:
Z3101.Y446x vol.34
LoC: Z5305.C5 H36 1959 (Orien China)
Ssu-shih-ch'i-chung Sung-tai chuan-chi tsung-ho yin-te
(Combined indices to forty-seven collections of Sung-dynasty biographies).
Harvard‑Yenching Institute Sinological Index Series, #34.
Peking, 1938; rpt. Tokyo: Tōyō bunko, 1959. 24 and 199 p.
McMullen #208.

The Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin does not entirely supersede the following:
LoC: DS734 .S6 (Orien Japan)
Sōjin denki sakuin
(Index to biographies of Sung figures).
Sōshi teiyō hensan kyōryoku iinkai
Tokyo: Tōyōbunko, 1968. 274 and 7 p.
McMullen #209,

which gives, on a single line, name, tzu, native place, the title of the Sung-period biographical document (usually a funerary inscription), its location, and three generations in the patriline (this last is not found in the larger index). Note further that the Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin indexes biographies in Sung and Yuan local gazetteers, as does the

Ref (C) DS735.C5266
LoC: DS735 .C5266 (Orien China)
Sung-Yuan fang-chih chuan-chi so-yin.
(Index to biographies in Sung and Yuan local gazetteers).
Chu Shih-chia 朱士嘉 comp.
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1963. 9 and 192 p,

but does not index Ming- and Ch'ing-period gazetteers, many of which include information from lost Sung-period works. The Ssu-ch'uan ta-hsueh index does do this. Missing from the Sung-jen index also are references to funerary biographical inscriptions for monks that exist only in texts found in the Buddhist canon. These are included in the comprehensive list of biographical inscriptions in:

J1880.7/1523 Sōdai Zenshūshi no kenkyū
LoC: BQ9412.9.C6 I84 1987 Japan 宋代禪宗史の研究
(Studies of the history of the Ch'an sect in the Sung period).
Ishii Shūdō 石井修道
Tokyo: Daitō shuppansha, 1987, pp. 555-562.

Finally, a great deal of biographical information can be garnered from the personal-name indexes listed in Section VI below.

For bibliographical information on tomb inscriptions, see Dieter Kuhn and Helga Stahl's Annotated Bibliography to the Shike shiliao xinbianin III.C. In addition note the listing of recently unearthed funerary biographies:
Ref (C) PN6297.C45 J86 1993
LoC: PN6297.C45 J86 1993 China
1949-1989 Ssu-shi nien ch'u-t'u mu-chih mu-lu
1949-1989 四十年出土墓志目錄
(Catalogue of funerary biographies unearthed 1949-89).
Jung Li-hua 榮麗華 comp. Wang Shih-min 王世民 ed.
Peking: Chung-hua, 1993. 548 p.
(Sung figures are in items #587-845)

This also indexes places of publication, authors of inscriptions, and subjects.

There are indexes to biographical materials for the periods before and after Sung:

Ref (C) Z3108.A3 F8 1982
LoC: Z3108.A3 F8 1982 China
T'ang Wu‑tai jen‑wu chuan‑chi tzu‑liao tsung-ho so‑yin
(Comprehensive index to biographical materials on T'ang and Five Dynasties figures).
Fu Hsuan‑tsung 傅璇琮comp.
Peking: Chung‑hua shu-chü, 1982. 731 p.
Ref (C and J) DS751.76.U44 1972x
LoC: DS734 .U46 (Orien Japan)
Ryō Kin Genjin denki sakuin
(Index to biographies of Liao, Chin, and Yuan figures).
Umehara Kaoru 梅原郁 comp.
Kyoto: Kyōto daigaku Jinbun kagaku kenkyūjo, 1972. 219, 103, 24 p.
LoC: Z3108.A3 W37 China
Yuan-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin
(Index to biographical materials on Yuan figures).
Wang Te-i 王德毅, Li Jung-ts'un 李榮村, and P'an Po-ch'eng 潘柏澄 comp.
Taipei: Hsin-wen-feng ch'u-pan-she, 1979-1982.

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