Workshop on Large-Scale Circulations in Moist Convecting Atmospheres

October 16 - 17, 2009

Organizers: Zhiming Kuang, Kerry Emanuel

Sponsors: Harvard University Center for the Environment, Harvard Physical Oceanography Committee

Larissa Back, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A toy model for understanding the observed relationship between column-integrated water vapor and tropical precipitation

William Boos, Harvard University

Mechanisms of poleward propagating, intraseasonal convective anomalies in a cloud-system resolving model

Chris Bretherton, University of Washington

The interaction of SST, low-level convergence and rainfall over the tropical oceans

Steve Derbyshire, Met Office

From "dynamical thinking" to parametrization progress?

Kerry Emanuel, MIT

Aggregated convection and the regulation of tropical climate

Dragan Frierson, University of Washington

CCKWs and the MJO in a hierarchy of GCMs

Ċ½eljka Fuchs, University of Split

Convectively coupled gravity waves and moisture

Dennis Hartmann, University of Washington

Tropical clouds and cloud feedback

Isaac Held, NOAA

Energy balance constraints on the tropical climate

George Kiladis, NOAA

Forcing of convectively coupled Kelvin waves by extratropical wave activity

Zhiming Kuang, Harvard

Large-scale organizations of transient variabilities in tropical deep convection

Eric Maloney, Colorado State University

Aquaplanet simulations of the MJO: The importance of wind-evaporation feedback and horizontal moisture advection

Brian Mapes, University of Miami

Capturing convection sensitivities in a plume-based algorithm suitable for GCM parameterization

David Neelin, UCLA

Deep convection--transition and tails

David Nolan, University of Miami

Idealized simulations of the ITCZ and its multi-level, cross-equatorial circulations

Olivier Pauluis, New York University

Water vapor and mechanical work in the atmosphere: comparison between Carnot and steam cycles

David Raymond, New Mexico Tech

On moist convective adjustment

David Romps, Harvard University

A direct measure of entrainment

Sharon Sessions, New Mexico Tech

The relevance of gross moist stabilities in multiple equilibria

Adam Sobel, Lamond-Doherty Earth Observatory

The axisymmetric QTCM2 prototype--a survey of recent results

Stefan Tulich, NOAA

On the pattern of biases in a regional climate simulation of the tropics

Chidong Zhang, University of Miami

Tropical diabatic heating: Its bi-modal ubiquity and its MJO signals

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