California History Schoolbook Affair, 2005-2009

RECENT COURT DECISIONS, all leaving the 2005/6 schoolbooks intact, free of changes demanded by Hindutva-related organizations.

On Sept. 1, 2007, the CA court ruled in favour of retaining the textbooks as approved by SBE in March 2006, providing extensive discussion and justification of the most contended issues (Women's rights, Dalits, Aryan invasion, Hinduism as monotheistic religion), tinyurl:

On February 25, 2009, the California Federal Court dismissed all questions of contents by CAPEEM's claims and, as in the HAF case, left the schoolbooks untouched.
The complete document (Case 2:06-cv-00532-FCD-KJM, Document 212, Filed 02/26/2009) can be found at:, see conclusion p. 62-63.

On June 2, 2009, the Court finally dismissed the case, with prejudic, meaning it cannot be raised again; see Court order (Case 2:06-cv-00532-FCD-KJM, Document 221, Filed 06/03/2009),

Concurrently, the Attorney General of CA has reached a settlement with CAPEEM about their only remaining claim, the "Equal Protection" challenge with regard to the adoption process of the 2005-2006 textbooks: instead of a ruling on this claim, CAPEEM gets $ 175,000 to cover their costs, see Court document (Case 2:06-cv-00532-FCD-KJM,Document 220, Filed 06/02/2009),