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Final Project: Indian College
Final Project: John and Ann

Inventing Harvard Assignments:

This page contains three assignments: an activity, a list of study questions, and tools towards a final project.

A. Activity

Take thirty minutes and walk around Harvard Yard. Look at the buildings you have classes in, the libraries where you study, and the dorms where you live. Pick at least five buildings that interest you. Pay close attention to doorways, windows, and roof lines, as well as to materials like brick and stone. Make a few notes. When do you think these buildings were built?

Now check your conclusions on the "Inventing Harvard" website. Were your estimates of buildings' ages close?

Be prepared to discuss the following questions in lecture on Thursday, February 6th!

B. Study Questions:

  1. When did Harvard "become colonial?" Why was it so important for Harvard to look like an eighteenth-century campus?

  2. What little-known fact about Harvard's buildings surprised or intrigued you?

  3. How well do you think Harvard represents its history? Do you think it should provide discrete markers giving the names and dates of its buildings?

C. Final Project:

Click here to go to the Final Project: The Indian College page.



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